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Tyla Singaram

Associate Salesforce Consultant

Working at Cirrico is deeply fulfilling for me, as it provides a platform for me to channel my passion and skills towards making a positive impact on the world. In a time where we all bear a shared responsibility to contribute to the acceleration of human progress, I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be a part of an organisation whose team shares the same core beliefs and values.

My journey into the world of Salesforce began as a self-taught learner, where I harnessed the power of online resources like Udemy, Focus on Force, and Trailhead to grasp the fundamentals of the platform. I have a profound passion for Salesforce and aspire to thrive and evolve within the Salesforce ecosystem. I launched my career in the corporate world, and while I hold my experience in high regard, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of unfulfilment. My desire was to be part of a sector where the focus extended beyond mere profit generation. My personal vision entails actively contributing to positive change in the world while simultaneously advancing my professional growth and skillset.

Top 3 Values:
Equality, empathy and faith

Favorite Trailhead Trail:
Build an App Home Lightning Page

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