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Art of the possible

At Cirrico, we are relentlessly optimistic, fuelled by our conviction in technology’s capacity to overcome barriers. Harnessing our tech expertise, nonprofit experience, and the data most likely already within your organisation, we carve out pathways to success that you may deem improbable. Elevate your fundraising goals, enhance volunteer recruitment, and accelerate your impact objectives with us.

Empowering nonprofits to make a greater impact

Our success stories showcase the diverse ways Salesforce and other cloud technologies pave the way for unforeseen possibilities. Expect custom solutions here, not one-size-fits-all. We devise unique strategies to tackle pain points, adapt to different work styles, and ignite ambitious growth.

Program Management
Cirrico support our long-term vision and short-term objectives for Age UK's salesforce org, sharing knowledge and shaping key decision-making with their expertise
Salesforce dashboard
We helped Children With Cancer migrate from Raisers Edge to Salesforce, allowing for more flexibility and improvements to be made to their fundraising processes.
Salesforce dashboard
Salesforce empowers staff to drive the grant giving process, seeing what stage each individual grant is at and what must happen next. The work from Cirrico has helped King's College Hospital Charity drive a greater impact.
Salesforce dashboard

Helping Nonprofits overcome challenges…

Changes can take us by surprise or allow us time to adapt. We’re here to ensure you operate efficiently regardless of the hurdles you encounter. There’s always a way.


Our solutions can alleviate stress for your fundraising team, ultimately allowing them to accomplish more. We’re nonprofit specialists, well-versed in the challenges of the charity sector. We aim not only to address your concerns but align with your ambitions to make Salesforce – the world’s leading CRM – work for you.

A comprehensive system can provide a 360-degree view of your stakeholders, enabling you to become more targeted, efficient, and impactful. From automating annual membership renewals to integrating software for consistent email design, we design solutions in consultation with our customers to empower them towards their impact goals.


Volunteer recruitment

Volunteer recruitment is an art in itself. Volunteers are the lifeblood of a nonprofit, but sourcing and retaining volunteers can be time-consuming. By leveraging data, we can help you better identify prospective volunteers, engage them, maintain communication, and build a dedicated team that propels you towards your impact goals.


What sets us apart

We’re often asked what we do best. Sometimes, a single solution isn’t evident, and we suggest that it’s best to share your problems with us and let us handle the solutions.


Art of the possible

Share your vision, mission, and impact goals with us, and together we’ll explore how technology can expedite them.


Transition from a project idea to a clearly defined plan, effectively reducing risk and enhancing value.

Quick Start - Nonprofit

Allow us to get the essential components up and running for your nonprofit within a short timeframe.

Quick Start - Marketing

Boost fundraising and stakeholder engagement by automating your marketing with 1:1 journeys – email, web, forms, mobile, and more.

Quick Start - Experience

Better engage your stakeholders by creating personalised web and mobile experiences that drive outcomes.


Leverage our expert training services to make the technology work for you and empower your team for success.

Managed services

Gain access to our team of Salesforce admins and experienced consultants on an ongoing basis.

Custom projects

Most of our projects are complex and customised. We’re ready to guide you on your Salesforce journey.

What is your future?

Tell us your issues or your ambitions and we’ll find the solution. It’s never one-size-fits-all, let’s talk it out.