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Art of the possible

We are eternal optimists, buoyed by our belief in the power of technology to remove obstacles. Using our tech know-how, nonprofit expertise, and a mine of data that’s most likely already in your organisation, we plot a course to success that you might not believe is possible. Higher fundraising targets, better volunteer recruitment, and bigger strides towards your impact goals await.

Nonprofits making a big impact

These customer stories will open your eyes to the many and varied ways that Salesforce and other cloud technologies open up new, unimagined possibilities. You’ll find no one-size-fits-all here. Rather, custom-made solutions that tackle pain points, flex to suit different working styles, and spark next-level ambition.

Programme Management
Salesforce empowers staff to drive the grant giving process, seeing what stage each individual grant is at and what must happen next. The work from Cirrico has helped King's College Hospital Charity drive a greater impact.
Salesforce dashboard
We helped Children With Cancer migrate from Raisers Edge to Salesforce, allowing for more flexibility and improvements to be made to their fundraising processes.
Salesforce dashboard
Salesforce enables Food Train to track, manage and deliver programs, services and service deliveries.
Salesforce dashboard

Helping Nonprofits overcome challenges…

Sometimes we get a warning of change, sometimes change we’re forced to adapt quickly. We are here to help you continue to operate productively no matter what challenge you’re up against. There is always a way.


A sleek new system can save time and stress for your fundraising team, and ultimately enable them to achieve more.

We are nonprofit specialists, with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and nuances of working in the charity sector. We know how to tackle your pain points, but – more importantly – align with your ambitions to make  Salesforce – the world’s leading CRM -work for you.

With a system that gives you a 360 degree of all your stakeholders and every piece of information you have about them, be it contact details, communication preferences, recent interaction, donations made, and Gift Aid given, you can be more targeted, more efficient and more impactful.  It could be that you’d like to automate annual membership renewals. Some nonprofits choose to add software for consistent email design. We work in close consultation with our customers to design the solution that will best empower you to achieve your impact goals.


Volunteer recruitment

Volunteer recruitment is an art. Volunteers are so often the lifeblood of a nonprofit but finding and retaining volunteers can be time-consuming and unrewarding. By making data work for you, we better identify prospective volunteers, engage them around their interests, keep communication flowing and, ultimately, build a committed, capable team that pushes you closer to your impact goals.


…and explore new opportunities


Covid-19 has been one of the biggest challenges the nonprofit industry has ever faced. But still, in such challenging times, there are opportunities to grow and find success.


What we do best

We frequently get asked what we do, sometimes a single solution isn’t obvious and we often suggest it’s easier to tell us your problems and leave the solutions to us.


Art of the possible

We want to hear your vision, mission, the impact you want to make, and then collaboratively consider how technology can accelerate it.

Define & Plan

Go from a project idea to a clearly defined project and plan, effectively reducing risk and increasing value.

Quick Start - Nonprofit

Let us help you to get the basics a Nonprofit needs up and running in a short timescale.

Quick Start - Marketing

Increase fundraising and stakeholder engagement by automating your marketing with 1:1 journeys – email, web, forms, mobile and more.

Quick Start - Experience

Engage your stakeholders better by creating personalised web and mobile experiences that achieve outcomes.


Make the technology do the work for you, and empower your team for success with our expert training services.

Managed services

Get access to our team of Salesforce admins and experienced consultants on an ongoing basis.

Custom projects

The majority of our projects are complex and custom, we’re ready to help and help you to navigate your Salesforce journey.

What is your future?

Tell us your issues or your ambitions and we’ll find the solution. It’s never one-size-fits-all, let’s talk it out.