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Juri van Deventer

Technical Consultant

Working at Cirrico means being enabled to do your best by joining a team of passionate, kind and clever people working towards a common goal of accelerating human progress. I love figuring out complicated puzzles, learning new things and refining processes for output and speed. The opportunity to do what I love to empower organisations that bring about real positive change motivates me.

Juri is a technical consultant with nine years of experience developing and implementing ERP systems, including Finance, Operations and Warehousing solutions. Juri wrote his first hello world program at 10 years old on Yabasic, an open-source basic interpreter included with his Playstation 2. 12 years later, Juri completed a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree at the University of Johannesburg (hello world in C++). Specialising as a back-end developer but enthusiastically jumping into the entire stack when given a chance, Juri is a certified Salesforce developer interested in accessible front-end design, automation and integration. Juri appreciates using solid and proven design patterns and writing self-documenting code that is easy to scale and refactor. At Cirrico, Juri will consult and provide technical solutions, support, and anything else a project requires.

Top 3 Values:
Loyalty, improvement, curiosity

Favorite Trailhead Trail:
Developer Advanced

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