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Improving The Sales Process With Salesforce

Salesforce helps businesses boost their sales efforts by giving their sales team the tools to deeply understand their market and customers. Also allowing a sales team to manage and monitor sales in real time.

Improving the sales process


We know that businesses can often find it difficult to have a smooth process, where leads are not followed up correctly or the focus of the sales team is misplaced. The process can often be slow at certain stages due to organisations not having the correct technology supporting their sales team.


Not having a clear view of where each lead is in the sales process can lead to inefficiencies, it is vitally important that businesses have a clear view of all of their data in real time to reduce these inefficiencies.

View all data in real time

Salesforce allows businesses to easily gain a 360 view on all of their data. Allowing data driven decisions to be made, this ensures that a sales team has a direction and focus when moving forward.


Track and grow revenue

A sales team can easily track their sales pipeline on a single platform, providing a detailed insight for everyone involved within the sales process. This means that all of a business’s sales team are all looking at the same and most up to date data they have. Putting all of the sales activities on a single platform is hugely beneficial, this can help increase productivity and grow revenue.


Drive customer retention

Salesforce provides businesses with the information on how a customer acts post-purchase. Are they loyal customers? Do they make regular purchases? How interested are they in purchasing a product/service again? All of this information is vital to growing customer retention and trying to boost repeat purchases.


Supporting sales with Salesforce

A business not using the right technology to support their sales process and sales team creates multiple issues that effect the business in the short-term and long-term. Below are some of the issues a business could face.


Certain areas of the sales process are inefficient


Difficulty creating sales forecasts


Difficulty retaining customers


Struggling to align sales and marketing

Benefits of Salesforce

A business using Salesforce empowers their sales team to work more effectively and efficiently. Below are some of the benefits a business could gain from using Salesforce.


Gain a real time insight with data rich visuals through dashboards and reports


Drive customer retention


Sales and marketing are aligned


Increase the return-on-investment for marketing efforts

Improve your sales process with Salesforce

If you are interested in Salesforce and want to work with Cirrico to grow your business through a Salesforce solution, then get in contact now. Cirrico are a summit partner, the highest tier a Salesforce partner can achieve, meaning you’re in the perfect place for Salesforce support.

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