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Sales Cloud from Salesforce allows for nonprofits to grow their sales with ease, from anywhere, with the right sales tools. It is vital that nonprofits build deeper connections with their customers, manage and monitor their nonprofit in real time, and react as the environment changes around them.

Focus on what matters, growing relationships and closing deals


We understand that nonprofits often struggle to generate sales, handle leads, and simplify the administrative duties of operating a large sales staff. This is an issue due to the fact that sales are the backbone of any nonprofit, inadequate sales or finding it hard to handle sales can often create huge issues for a nonprofit.


Tracking revenue through the entire sales cycle provides huge benefits for nonprofits, enabling nonprofits to monitor customer relationships easily and appropriately. Therefore, it is vitally important for a nonprofit to have a platform that can easily provide users with one place to view all of their customer details.

Grow revenue with confidence 

Being able to put all of sales activities on a single platform is hugely beneficial, this can help increase productivity and grow revenue. Salesforce Sales Cloud can benefit every nonprofit no matter the size, industry, or location.


Make virtual the new normal

Salesforce Sales Cloud helps nonprofits adapt to today’s online world and stay connected. Sales Cloud provides nonprofits with simple apps for virtual selling, enablement, forecasting and planning.


Trailhead & Trailblazer Community

Trailhead provides nonprofits with free on-demand training, this allows the nonprofits staff to up-skill themselves and constantly keep updated with the latest best practice. The Trailblazer community also provides Salesforce users with a forum to ask questions and collaborate with other Salesforce users.


Sales Cloud

We understand that nonprofits can struggle to grow their sales due to not having the correct tools to help them, below are some of the issues a nonprofit can face due to not equipping their sales team with a suitable platform.


Poor sales productivity


Poor sales forecasting


Sales and marketing departments not aligned


Poor customer retention

Sales Cloud benefits

Salesforce Sales Cloud helps nonprofits to strategically grow, find new ways to better understand their forecasting, and learn how to get insights into the next big opportunity. Providing a sales team with the perfect foundation to increase sales productivity and sales forecasting, below are some of the benefits a nonprofit can gain from using Sales Cloud.


Accurately report on sales


Increase marketing return-on-investment


Drive customer retention


Contact management


Gain real-time insights with reports and dashboards that are simple to configure


Increase sales forecasting


Align sales and marketing


Increase sales productivity

Don’t take our word for it

Our customers are our best brand evangelists, when we helped out Jigsaw they had some very nice things to say about us.

Cirrico completely changed our use of Salesforce to get more out of day to day activities. Pulling reports was a huge thing for us that we now can do with our eyes closed.

Elaine O’Dowd - Jigsaw

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