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Resolve Cases Faster With Case Management

Case Management allows nonprofits to keep their support agents connected to all the information they require to close cases quickly. Case Management allows users to record, track and solve customer issues across sales, service and support. Using prebuilt dashboards, nonprofits can view how their team is performing in real time with just a glance.

Deliver a seamless customer service


Delivering a quality and responsive customer service is vital to a nonprofits success as it plays a huge role in their reputation, therefore it is important that the agents responding to the customer cases have all the information needed to carry out the process as efficiently as possible. When a customer contacts a nonprofit with an issue, they want an answer and a solution quickly. If the resolution is time consuming or a bad experience, this could result in the customer leaving the nonprofit and going elsewhere.


A good case management system makes this process smooth and efficient for both the customer and the service agent. It also provides agents with all the information they require to resolve the case quickly, this includes activity history, critical information about the customer and the next best actions. This provides huge benefits when compared to a nonprofit using multiple management systems or even worse paper and spreadsheets.

Assignment rules

Salesforce Case Management comes equipped to help with low and higher complexity routing of cases to support teams. Assignment rules automate the entire process and ensure that no case is ever left without a case owner. These rules are simple to set up and can be expanded on easily over time.


Streamlined service process

Case Management allows nonprofits to easily customise their system so that it reflects their customer support and business processes. Case Management also equips nonprofits to guide agents through customer service processes using scripts, only showing them the most relevant customer details ensuring that the service is as efficient as possible.


Track interactions

Salesforce Case Management tracks every customer interaction in a chronological timeline, including voicemails, email updates, knowledge articles, and comments. Agents are also provided with information regarding where a customer is in a customer service process, meaning that agents can pick right up where they left off and not have to start the process all over again.


Case Management

We understand that it is important for nonprofits to have a quality and responsive customer service, below are some of the issues a nonprofit can face if they don’t have a system to help their customer service team.


Difficulty tracking case progress


Customer data in multiple places


Multiple case management systems, this can increase the time it takes for the customer service team to carry out responses


Inefficient service agents


Not being able to flag certain cases that require a certain level of expertise in order to close


Not being able to see the level of open cases that any staff member has at any one particular time


Not being able to flag the cases that have been open the longest


Inconsistent methods of dealing with similar issues, service agents are not provided with scripted solutions to regular issues

Case Management benefits

Salesforce Case Management provides customer service agents with all the data and information they require to resolve customer cases quickly, agents can see their cases filtered by open, closed and other attributes to easily manage their workload. Below are a some of the benefits Salesforce Case Management provides.


Customer service agents have a better understanding of customers due to being provided with information such as status, service history and communication preferences


Repetitive tasks for agents are automatically removed, this allows the agents to focus on strategic activities


Customer service agents are provided with automated sequences that aim at solving the case as quickly as possible


All customer service agents have the same single view of customer data, this means that customer service agents don't have to communicate and share information to resolve the case


Be able to mark certain cases at needing a certain level of expertise and even which department that case needs to go to. This can also automatically change the amount of time given to answer the case under a service level agreement


Can see at a glance within a dashboard how many open cases staff are dealing with at any one time and also how long those cases have been open


Be able to see in one report the amount of time a case has been open and even compare that to a service level agreement that an organisation has


Service agents can provide support in real time across multiple channels, this could be on social media, on the phone, chat box, mobile app and others

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