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Experience Cloud For Businesses

Experience Cloud enables businesses to reinvent their customer experience, target more customers, accelerate growth through the use of data driven decisions.

Build a community with Experience Cloud


Businesses want to engage with audiences as soon as possible, through interactive sites, apps, and portals. We understand that in an ideal world businesses would be able to contact customers with personalised content, delivered at just the right time.


We understand that some businesses would like to provide users with a responsive portal, where they can access certain content, update their accounts, get customer support, and much more.

Track and optimise a website

Through the use of Experience Cloud businesses can measure, analyse, and optimise their experience through customisable Lightning dashboards on the Experience Workspace. This provides businesses with detailed insights to help improve how they work and provide their customers with an improved experience.


Responsive portal

Salesforce Experience Cloud provides users with a responsive portal. Here they can gain access to specific user content, change their account details, create and manage cases and claims they have made to customer services.


Easily integrate data

Data can be easily pulled from Salesforce, or third party apps. This allows for data to be linked to Experience Cloud functions like leads, opportunities, cases, campaigns, and custom objects.


Experience Cloud

Businesses operating a Salesforce sytem often want to only provide their staff with a certain part of the Salesforce sytem, whilst also having extensions of their Salesforce system fit the businesses brand. Below are some of the issues that a business without the suitable technology could face.


Wanted to provide staff with an online portal so they have access to some data but not the entire system


Staff not able to connect remote working teams, making collaboration difficult


Online extensions do not match the organisations branding


Some staff do not warrant the use of a Salesforce licence and just need access to a small part of the system

The benefits of Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud from Salesforce provides businesses with a customisable portal. An open platform that can interface with any system, configured to strengthen user and beneficiary engagement and improve program outcomes. Below are some of the benefits Experience Cloud can bring to a business.


Easy to customise the extensions Experience Cloud provides. Enabling all extensions to also be branded to match the organisations brand


Experience Cloud can reduce the cost on licences without damaging productivity


Allow customers to access their details and change their details through the Experience Cloud portal, this can help reduce the administrative workload of Sky


Allow staff to have access to certain areas of a Salesforce system, allowing them to alter only specific objects

Enhance your community with Salesforce

If you are interested in Salesforce and want to work with Cirrico to grow your business through a Salesforce solution, then get in contact now. Cirrico are a summit partner, the highest tier a Salesforce partner can achieve, meaning you’re in the perfect place for Salesforce support.

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