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Ellie Breden

Senior Salesforce Consultant

I love working for an organisation where nonprofit has been at its core since the beginning. It’s refreshing to have the focus on a greater good being at the forefront of our mission, as opposed to an afterthought tagged on at the end. Everyone is truly committed to delivering their best whilst helping each other out, and it’s invigorating to work with such a dedicated group of people every day.

Ellie wears various hats in her role as a Senior Salesforce Consultant; accompanying customers on their journey from discovery, all the way through to system launch. She enjoys working with many of the different Salesforce clouds, including NPSP, Service, and Community, and designs solutions whilst drawing on experience gained from completed projects across an array of different industries, and for organisations of all sizes.

Having been the customer herself, Ellie explains: “I remember how reassured I felt to have a consultant that I really felt was along for the ride with me. Ensuring my customers feel confident and that they can trust me to help them achieve their goals is an integral part of the process for me; and I love making sure projects are as fun and collaborative as possible.”

Top 3 Values:
Integrity, Empathy, Curiosity

Favourite Trailhead Trail:
Go from Lead to Cash with Salesforce CPQ and Billing – It was a great intro to CPQ, and it won me a Cloudy at World Tour 🐐

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