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Nicola Williams

Associate Salesforce Consultant

I aspired to join Cirrico because of its commitment to leveraging Salesforce technology for social impact. With my background in Salesforce and a passion for aiding nonprofits, Cirrico's focus on empowering organisations aligns perfectly with my mission. I'm eager to contribute my expertise to a team dedicated to driving meaningful change, amplifying the positive influence these organisations have on our communities. Cirrico's ethos resonates deeply with my values, making it an ideal platform to further my goal of merging technology with social good.

Driven by a passion for leveraging technology to make a meaningful impact, I’ve spent the last three years working in the world of Salesforce. From navigating the intricacies of quickly growing operations to contributing within the intricate systems of larger enterprises, my journey has been a blend of diverse experiences. Throughout this time, I’ve come to recognize the potential of Salesforce, not just in driving business success, but also in serving the greater good. I believe in the power of nonprofits to effect positive change and Cirrico have given me the chance to focus on supporting these organizations. I’m committed to using my skills in Salesforce to empower nonprofits, enabling them to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and increase their impact on the world.

Top 3 Values:
Loyalty, Respect, Authenticity

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