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Get Started On Salesforce With A Quickstart Project

For a business it is important to ensure that every investment made has a huge impact on their organisation. Salesforce Quickstart project is a great way to get started and implement Salesforce.

Scaling new heights using Salesforce


It’s often the case that technology projects can be long and drawn out. We also see that some businesses want to be able to see a CRM solution for one part of their business before they roll it out to the rest of the organisation.


This not only allows staff to get used to a new CRM in one part of their working lives. It also allows technical staff the opportunity to scope out further work at a pace that works for their business.

Simplify and automate the manual tasks that take time
Certain team members have tasks and processes that take a huge amount of time. Cirrico can make this task flawless and easy through technology and training a team.


Growing with Salesforce
Quickstart gives businesses at least an hour (often more) a day with a Salesforce Consultant. This time is used to discover more Salesforce options without any need to commit, our consultants can help with the technical questions, that will help build out a Salesforce roadmap.


Implement Salesforce across multiple departments
Quickstarts should not cover every part of a business, there just simply isn’t time to build a system that works for multiple departments/workstreams. By picking one part of the organisation and installing Salesforce there first, allows staff to get familiar with Salesforce and it’s capabilities. Making future rollouts much easier.


Don't take our word for it

Our customers are our best brand evangelists, when we helped out The Passage they had some very nice things to say about us.

If you’re wanting to perhaps grow your fundraising, if you’re having that challenge of needing to increase your revenue then Salesforce is going to give you the tools and the platform to be able to do that more effectively

Emma Noble - The Passage

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