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Enhance Your Nonprofit's Efficiency with a Cirrico Salesforce Project

Partnering with Cirrico empowers nonprofits to collaborate with our specialised Salesforce consultants. Together, we co-create a Salesforce system, moving in tandem with your team throughout the diverse phases of your nonprofit’s technical project.

Elevate nonprofits with a Cirrico project


Initiating a Salesforce implementation is a strategic endeavour. It’s essential to meticulously plan each step to ensure a seamless rollout. In doing so, nonprofits can fully harness the advantages of a tailored Salesforce system, amplifying their mission’s impact.


Cirrico boasts a strong niche in orchestrating Salesforce projects for nonprofits. We’re unwaveringly committed to sculpting a Salesforce solution that mirrors the unique aspirations and requirements of each nonprofit partner. Our Salesforce experts engage synergistically with your staff, championing thoroughness and precision every step of the way.

Embark with a Comprehensive Blueprint

Your team holds an encyclopaedic understanding of your nonprofit – its legacy, intricacies, and potential technical nuances. Meanwhile, Cirrico’s forte lies in architecting Salesforce ecosystems. By marrying these competencies, we design a Blueprint phase, crafting detailed user stories, estimating timeframes, and recommending the optimal Salesforce products.


Seamless Data Migration

Be it spreadsheets or dispersed systems, whether it’s a few hundred or countless records, our team ensures a flawless data transition into your new Salesforce system. Importantly, we factor in the volume and intricacy of your existing data right from the project’s inception.


Holistic Salesforce Training for Admins and All Staff

Cirrico’s consultants spearhead dual training modules for our nonprofit partners. Firstly, we empower your technical crew with Salesforce administration skills, ensuring they’re equipped to continually refine and uphold the system. Next, we offer an extensive training regime for all Salesforce users, acquainting them with the routine functionalities they’ll engage with daily.


Don’t take our word for it

Our customers are our best brand evangelists, when we helped out Resuscitation Council UK they had some very nice things to say about us.

What was taking me half a day, is now taking me under an hour due to the capabilities of Salesforce

Rachel Warren - Policy and Stakeholder Engagement Officer

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