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Commerce Cloud For Businesses

Commerce Cloud provides businesses with the power to create a unified shopping experience, providing them with the technology to transform their customers’ journeys.

Transform the customer experience


As the world shifts towards online retail it is important that organisations have the foundations to succeed with online sales. Customers want the online process to be simple and for the transaction to be seamless.


Businesses can often struggle to manage inventory, merchandising, and promotions between digital channels and the store. It is important that a business has a view of all customers, orders, and more.

B2C Commerce

Commerce Cloud enables businesses to perfect their conversion funnel, providing businesses with the tools to reduce non-active online shopping baskets, optimise checkout flows and implement payment accelerators. Customer service teams also benefit from commerce cloud, providing them with the tools to accelerate over-the-phone orders. With the ability to gain a real-time view of digital storefronts and order history.


B2B Commerce

Commerce Cloud empowers customers to experience the same consumer-like shopping experience that individuals experience during their personal shopping. This allows them to purchase goods anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Commerce Cloud benefits a sales team in multiple ways, one of them being that it provides them with the ability to eliminate manual tasks. This allows them to spend more of their time working on delivering sales.


Personalisation through AI

Through the use of Einstein businesses can tailor each individual’s shopping experience as it unfolds, businesses are able to recommend products, tailored product sorting and accurate search results at every touchpoint.


Commerce Cloud

With online shopping continuing to grow and becoming a fundamental part of businesses, it is important that organisations provide the best online shopping experience. Below are some of the issues a business could face if they are not correctly supported.


No personalised customer journeys, no unique experience


Difficulty predicting the customers next move


A disconnected shopping experience


Difficulty marketing their online products

The benefits of Commerce Cloud

Commerce Cloud provides businesses with the tools to create a unified and personalised experience. Below are some of the benefits Commerce Cloud can provide.


Personalised customer experiences where shoppers have a unique experience


Einstein allows businesses to automate processes, build out buyer journeys, and build customer loyalty


Marketing tool available with Commerce Cloud


A unified shopping experience

Improve the online shopping experience for your customers

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