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Salesforce Training For Businesses

It is important to ensure that every investment a business makes has a huge impact on their organisation. Salesforce technology helps businesses every day scale to become sustainable and allow their teams to achieve more through their technology.

Keep staff thriving with Salesforce


As staff come and go it is import to make sure that staff are fully trained on how to use and update the Salesforce system. Organisations may also want to up-skill some of their staff, getting to learn about the tasks a Salesforce Administrator would normally perform.


Having staff efficiently trained helps maximise the capabilities of the Salesforce system they are using. This is also especially true for having the skilled staff member who can act as a Salesforce Administrator, this allows the organisation to troubleshoot their own issues without requiring external help.

Training on
The Salesforce Consultant that has been with an organisation throughout the project will be delivering the training. Focusing on the features that matter to the team(s) that they are working with, this ensures that they get the training they require to run their Salesforce efficiently.


Recordings for staff to work from
Not only are all training sessions recorded, Cirrico also has a collection of over 30 videos recorded by Salesforce Consultants. They walk through the common administrative tasks and ways businesses can improve their Salesforce org.


Admin training is included in any project
A businesses new Salesforce team will be taken through many of the admin task they will have to be performing on a regular basis. Plus how to troubleshoot common support requests, this ensures that organisations teams that are new to Salesforce have the adequate skills to use the system to its capabilities.


Don’t take our word for it

Our customers are our best brand evangelists, when we helped out Jigsaw they had some very nice things to say about us.

I used to be terrified of getting something wrong on Salesforce incase it caused a problem later down the line, now I log on everyday and I can pull reports up for my manager with no issue

Elaine O'Dowd - Campaign Admin

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The perfect platform to grow your business

If you are interested in Salesforce and want to work with Cirrico to grow your business through a Salesforce solution, then get in contact now. Cirrico are a summit partner, the highest tier a Salesforce partner can achieve, meaning you’re in the perfect place for Salesforce support.

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