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Boosting Nonprofit Fundraising With Salesforce

Raising funds is crucial to a nonprofit’s operations, and at Cirrico, we have a dedicated team of experts committed to helping clients leverage the right technology to enhance their fundraising capabilities. Our mission is to consolidate all organisational operations into one central location, ensuring efficiency, automation for time-saving, and creating exceptional donor journeys.

Equipping nonprofits with tools for effective fundraising


We recognise the challenges fundraisers face in cultivating potential donors, often due to an overwhelming workload and lack of technological assistance. Cirrico specialises in enhancing impact through technology.


We have partnered with various nonprofits to amplify their fundraising potential. Our passion lies in helping organisations integrate the right technology that scales with the nonprofit as it grows.

Digital fundraising

We support fundraisers to become more agile in an unpredictable world. A digital-first strategy empowers organisations to connect with their constituents wherever they are, providing personalised communications across channels. This approach enables them to raise more funds, save time, and reduce costs.


Improving Donor Relationships

In today’s world, donors expect more personalised outreach from the nonprofits they support. We assist nonprofits in building meaningful relationships with their donors, delivering the right message at the right time, and delighting donors with the tangible impact of the organisation’s work.


Driving Decisions with Data

Fundraisers often run multiple activities to meet their revenue targets and need to track their success. Our consultants help nonprofits create reports that allow teams to identify the most effective campaigns. This consolidated data source enables fundraisers to view all types of funding in one place and connect to accounting systems, if needed.


Overcoming Fundraising Challenges with Salesforce

Fundraisers often face several issues due to their enormous workload and lack of adequate tools. Without a suitable platform, they may encounter problems such as:


Difficulty in preplanning due to lack of automation


Dependence on paper-based donation forms


Failure to save data for future insights


Disconnected teams across projects


Inability to understand donors' interests


Poor donor journeys


Inefficiencies in claiming Gift Aid


Disconnection between finance, audit information, and fundraising

Benefiting from Salesforce for Fundraising

Salesforce offers a comprehensive 360-degree view of an organisation’s fundraising efforts, integrating major donors, corporate partners, individuals, trusts, foundations, events, and every revenue stream into one place, among other features.


Data insights to plan and drive campaigns


Enhanced segmentation and profiling of the supporter base


Excellence in donor management


A powerful view of sign-ups and drop-offs


Ability to measure the impact of communication-based campaigns


Automation of donor journeys and the easy dispatch of personalised, meaningful communications


Digitisation of donation forms, event forms, and data storage in one secure place


Beneficial insights into donor behaviour trends

Don’t take our word for it

Our customers are our best brand evangelists, when we helped out Jigsaw they had some very nice things to say about us.

Working with Cirrico was a dream, from the first email with Grace to the first meeting with Mark and then getting set up with Sam, the entire team has been instrumental in helping Jigsaw achieve it’s fundraising mission, and thanks to Cirrico’s team knowing so much about the nonprofit sector...

Elaine O'Dowd - Jigsaw

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