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Salesforce for Sports Organisations

We work with sports organisations of every size and type, over the last few years we have worked with Football Foundations, The Premier League Charitable Fund, Kick It Out and many other organisations helping scale their work through the use of Salesforce technology. Enabling them to have more engaging conversations with fans, automate their work, and raise more for their foundations.

Our full-service solutions enable us to help our sports customers to not only implement Salesforce but to also align across marketing, and create a sustainable road map across all areas of your work should you need this.

Salesforce specifically for sports


We understand that sports organisations are a niche sector and you need a partner that can work with you to understand various aspects of your organisations KPI’s and growth areas.

We have expertise in working with many sports organisations and understand your challenges, and how they are different depending on the type of sports organisation.


We understand that using data effectively to ensure you have the tools at your fingertips to make the date driven decisions your organisation needs across foundation lead work, fan engagement, sports sponsorship, partnerships and branding, along with ticket sales, marketing and more.

A Single View of All Data in One Place 

Cirrico are experts in enabling your different teams to have access to the data you hold, to make the best strategic decisions. We will work with you to enable your teams to  aggregate and align different  sets of supporter, customer and fan data to analyse, forecast and scale your organisations commercial or foundation’s performance.


Improve the User Experience

Depending on what type of sports organisation you are we have a solution to enable the work you do to be far more enjoyable for the user.

If you’re a foundation:
For individuals, finding and applying for grants takes away vital time and resources from delivering on their mission. Cirrico can  make it easy for the organisations or individuals  you’d like to support find and apply for funding opportunities and make it easy for your teams to manage the grants, community outreach work and in addition report on the way in which you use date to drive decision making moving forward with your team and board.

If you’re a sports club:
We are able to advise and collaborate with your team to ensure that you’re able to create the best type of solution for your needs. We have a team of specialist advisers who have worked with Kick It Out, The Premier League and Football Clubs to ensure that we have the vision in our minds you set out with, and how we use the technology to make this possible and deliver your vision.

We are able to create cutting edge fan engagement, e-commerce, ticketing, marketing and communications, and many other areas that will lead to success in your organisations journey.

If you’re a governing body:
We can work with you to bring together all of your stakeholders in one place, and use one system to deliver your work so you have one central source of truth. We understand the complexities and needs of working across multiple clubs, countries, languages and industries and we are on hand to support you. We can create a portal that brings everyone together, whether it be measuring carbon footprints, safeguarding, the running of your day to day organisation, or managing bespoke work. 


Specialist consultant

Our consultants are specialists in showing you how to use your data to make data driven decisions and have collective years of experience to ensure your colleagues receive the best training possible to make the on-boarding of Salesforce seamless.


Salesforce solutions for sports clubs

We are able to work to your brief and speak with you about the goals you have as an organisation, as Cirrico can deliver various Salesforce Clouds in the eco-system it is an exciting time for sports clubs as we want ensure you’re able to scale using various technology such as:

  • Marketing Solutions
  • Sales Solutions
  • Experience Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Net Zero

We understand there are always ways to improve and speed up the way we work, Cirrico is an expert in increasing productivity. Creating sustainable solutions with huge amounts of ROI for sports organisations. Below are some of the issues an organisation could face without suitable technology backing them.




Poor experiences for organisations teams and supporters.


Insights and reporting takes a huge amount of time.


Limited visibility on what supporters and fans engage with.


Time consuming ticket sales process.


Unable to record carbon footprint as an organisation.


Limited visibility of where the organisation can grow.


Many manual data inputs which could be automated.


Poor experience with applications for funding, creating additional work.

The benefits of Salesforce for sports clubs

Move from paper-based and manual processes, to software-guided automated workflows powered by mobile, social, and AI technology. Helping you increase the efficiency of interactions within your sports organisation. Provide supporters with amazing fan engagement and touch points at every aspect of their journey.


Integration with financial and accounting software.


Enable community members to be part of the clubs journey and properly engaged.


Simple payment tracking for grantees, fundraising, sales or e-commerce.


Integration with online marketing software and tools.


Save time answering questions by directing them to an online portal of knowledge.


Accurate and clear data visibility to make the best data driven decisions.


Fan engagement across the organisation is meaningful through using one system.


Transparent 360 CRM so all team members within the organisation can easily access all the data and information they require.

Don’t take our word for it

Our customers are our best brand evangelists, when we helped out Auditory Verbal they had some very nice things to say about us.

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