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Alex Reed

Senior Salesforce Consultant

Alex has worked as a Salesforce consultant for just over three years and in that time has worked with many types of business from SMB's focused on agile change to larger enterprises businesses wanting robust implementations and process implementation. At Cirrico he works with our customers to understand where they are, where they want to be and helps get them there by setting realistic and achievable timescales to build solutions and create real improvements to help serve the business better.

Alex is really passionate about helping others, be it through sharing skills and knowledge to just being someone to talk to or offer advice. He says “I love working with a team of people who feel the same and working on the not for profit cloud gives me the opportunity to work with so many people who share those values and are focused on changing the world.”

Top 3 Values:
Honesty, Wellbeing, Approachable

Favourite Trailhead:

Donation Management 

Alex's Insights


News & Views

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