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Build A System With A Cirrico Project

A project with Cirrico allows businesses to work with our Salesforce Consultants to build their Salesforce system, working directly with their staff through the various stages of a technical project.

Level up with a Cirrico project


Undergoing a Salesforce implementation requires a deeply planned project to ensure that the implementation runs smoothly, resulting in the business gaining a Salesforce system that provides them with huge benefits.


Cirrico specialises in Salesforce projects and we are laser focused on ensuring that each organisation we work with gets a bespoke Salesforce system that suits their needs and wants. This is done through our Salesforce specialists who work in collaboration with an organisations staff, ensuring that no corners are cut and that everything needed is covered.

Start off with a Define & Plan
An organisations staff know everything they need to about a business, it’s history and different parts that could affect a technical project and implementation. At Cirrico, we are experts in building Salesforce systems. With a combination of the two, a Define & Plan will create user stories with time estimates and also suggest which products should be used.


Migrate existing data
Whether data is in spreadsheets or in multiple systems, whether we are talking about hundreds or millions of records. We can move the data into the new system. It should be noted that the amount/the complexity of the existing data, will be taken into account at the start of a project.


Training for admins and the wider staff team
Cirrico Consultants will lead two sets of training for an organisations teams. The first will be for the technical staff in the organisation. This will be Salesforce administration training, that allows the technical team to carry on improving and maintaining the Salesforce system. The second will be a wider set of training for all salesforce users in the organisation, going through the day to day actions that staff will be performing using Salesforce.


Don’t take our word for it

Our customers are our best brand evangelists, when we helped out Resuscitation Council UK they had some very nice things to say about us.

What was taking me half a day, is now taking me under an hour due to the capabilities of Salesforce

Rachel Warren - Policy and Stakeholder Engagement Officer

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