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Sales Cloud For Businesses

Sales Cloud provides businesses with the tools they require to deeply understand their sales process, allowing them to monitor the progress of their sales opportunities in real time.

Boosting sales with Salesforce


Businesses can struggle to generate sales, handle leads, and simplify the administrative duties of a sales team. This creates huge issues due to the fact that sales is the backbone of any organisation.


Tracking revenue and pipeline is something that every organisation should be doing at the highest level. Without a detailed insight into their Sales process any business can face massive problems.

Create the perfect sales process

Sales Cloud enables sales managers to create a sales process to maximise the capabilities of their sales reps, ensuring that success is as simple and repetitive as possible. Sales Cloud also automatically associates relevant emails and meetings to the specific record, this is done through Einstein activity capture. This simple solution can save a sales team countless hours overall.


Gain an insight with AI

Through the use of Einstein businesses can score leads based on past deals, Einstein can then automatically select which leads are most likely to convert and close. Einstein insights provides a sales team with real in-time answers as to how a deal is progressing.


Track leads and opportunities

Sales Cloud allows businesses to view the fine details in a customer’s activity timeline. Businesses are able to track who else is competing, what stage the deal is in, what the next steps are, and much more. Deal statuses are simple to update, can even be performed through the Salesforce mobile app, helping keep the sales team up to date.


Sales Cloud

A sales team which is using outdated technology, having data stored in multiple places or even on paper will encounter a variety of problems. Below is a list of issues that a business could face if their sales process is not using the correct technology.


Difficulty creating sales forecasts


Inefficient sales process


Difficulty retaining customers


Sales and marketing departments are not aligned

The benefits of using Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud provides businesses with some great benefits that empowers their sales team and helps make the sales process more efficient. Below are some of the benefits an organisation using Sales Cloud would gain.


Accurately report on Sales


Contact management


Increase ROI of marketing efforts


Drive customer retention


Gain real-time insights with reports and dashboards providing data rich visuals


Provide a sales team with all the tools needed to maximise their capabilities.


Align sales and marketing


Detailed sales forecasting

Improve your sales cycle with Salesforce

If you are interested in Salesforce and want to work with Cirrico to grow your business through a Salesforce solution, then get in contact now. Cirrico are a summit partner, the highest tier a Salesforce partner can achieve, meaning you’re in the perfect place for Salesforce support.

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