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Salesforce For Hospital Charity Trusts

Our goal is to make the grant application process as efficient as possible. By enabling seamless collaboration, we cut down the time spent on admin work, allowing hospital charities to focus on their missions and creating impact for communities. Below are some of the hospital charity trusts we have worked with.


We also understand that hospital charities often struggle to manage funding programs due to the fact that they are very time-consuming. Hospital charities have previously used paper and spreadsheets when managing funding programs, this can make the process extremely difficult.


With Salesforce technology, hospital charities now have the option of utilising the latest technology and making their grant application as efficient as possible. This change in technology leads to a 360 degree view of the organisations grants system,  the platform also reduces admin work and therefore allows staff to focus on creating  positive social impact.

I would definitely go for Salesforce and speak with Cirrico. Working with a great Project Manager at Cirrico helped us understand just what was needed from us. Due to this we received a bespoke system that has been extremely beneficial

Iona Joy

Director of Grants and Insights

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Simplifying the grant application process

Salesforce allows hospital charities to customise grant applications based on the unique requirements for each opportunity, this is easily done through the use of a pre-built template. The platform also provides a comprehensive record of all the previous applications submitted, these applications are stored in Salesforce allowing hospital charities to review and report on them later.


Connect grants and programs

Salesforce Grants Management software provides grants and program managers with the same data, this means that they can view funding requests, grant stages, disbursements schedules, funds disbursed and remaining balances. This means that hospital charities and trusts can continue to keep grants moving through the funding lifecycle.


Fundraising with Salesforce

Salesforce helps hospital charities transition to digital fundraising. A digital-first strategy allows organisations to connect with their constituents wherever they are with personalised communications across channels. This helps them raise more money, quickly, with less of a manual effort.



We have met the standards set out by the NHS DSP framework. Our organisation reference is 8KM08, you can view the publication here. This framework ensures we are able to work with organisations that work with the NHS and demonstrates our commitment to security.


Issues hospital charities and trusts face

Challenges that Hospital Chairty Trusts face

Those applying for a grant can't easily go back and edit their application

Challenges that Hospital Chairty Trusts face

Time-consuming administration

Challenges that Hospital Chairty Trusts face

Various stages of application process can’t easily be viewed by all members

Challenges that Hospital Chairty Trusts face

Limited visibility for those applying for grants

Challenges that Hospital Chairty Trusts face

Data reporting is difficult and poor

Challenges that Hospital Chairty Trusts face

Poor experience with application, adding more time to fundraisers workload

Challenges that Hospital Chairty Trusts face

Disconnected funding systems

Challenges that Hospital Chairty Trusts face

Time consuming assessments which aren’t always recorded in one place

Benefits of using Salesforce

Salesforce Grants Management allows grantmakers to streamline their processes to get critical funding out quickly. The platform aims to make the process as efficient as possible, through the use of collaboration grantmakers can significantly cut down on the time spent on admin work.


Salesforce is tailored to a hospital charities exact needs, the solution is also scaleable meaning that the implementation can be developed on and grow with the organisation


Grant applications can be easily customised for each funding opportunity with templates


Customised reports and dashboards can be created which enables the organisations to produce charts and graphs that give them a real time insight


360 view of grantee database


Transparent platform which allows for collaboration on grant applications


Save time by allowing for questions to be answered through an online portal of knowledge


Easily manage programs and track outcomes


Cloud based software enables things to autosave

Interested in implementing Salesforce?

We work with nonprofits of every size and type. If you’d like to talk about how we can help your nonprofit accelerate change, we’d love to chat to you about the possibilities.

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