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Marketing Cloud For Businesses

Marketing Cloud enables businesses to contact prospects with the perfect message at the perfect time through the use of intelligent marketing insights. Marketing Cloud allows businesses to grow relationships and revenue with seamless experiences from ad to account, email to e-commerce, social to service and more.

Enhance relationships and revenue


We understand that businesses face the challenge of trying to gather all of their information from multiple sources in one place, collating and tracking smaller bits of information from different sources can be especially challenging.


Having difficulty understanding and predicting customer behaviour can also prove to be a massive issue. This can make it difficult for businesses to know how and when to contact their prospects, the less they know about their prospects the less they can personalise the messages they send out.

One message over multiple channels

Marketing Cloud brings together a variety of communication methods such as email, SMS, push notifications, ads, web landing pages and apps. This allows businesses to combine different channels into one communication flow.


Data all in one place

Due to Marketing Cloud being a Salesforce solution, it receives all the benefits the Salesforce platform provides. This means that businesses get a 360 degree view on all of their marketing data, allowing them to simply view data through dashboards and reports.


Automated Marketing Journeys

Marketing automation enables businesses to perform automated multi-step marketing campaigns. Marketing Clouds Automation Studio allows for automated marketing to be started immediately, once a trigger action has been activated, or on a scheduled basis.


Marketing Cloud

Businesses that are not supporting their marketing team with the latest technology will struggle to maximise their marketing efforts. Below are some of the issues that a business not using Marketing Cloud could face.


Poor insights into customer behaviour


Lack of customer journeys


Multiple data platforms


Difficulty creating effective and consistent communication with customers

The benefits of Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud empowers a businesses marketing team, allowing them to engage with customers more often and maximise the ROI on their marketing efforts. Below are some of the benefits a business would gain through the use of Marketing Cloud.


Build out customer journeys containing consistent and personalised communications


Engage with customers during every important customer touchpoint


Create customised messages though Marketing Cloud Tools such as journey builder, email studio, social studio and other tools.


Predicting what marketing tool appeals to a customer through the use of Salesforce Einstein

Improve your marketing ROI with Salesforce

If you are interested in Salesforce and want to work with Cirrico to grow your business through a Salesforce solution, then get in contact now. Cirrico are a summit partner, the highest tier a Salesforce partner can achieve, meaning you’re in the perfect place for Salesforce support.

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