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Julie Geldart

Associate Salesforce Consultant

I'm passionate about nonprofits and helping them become more efficient in their operations. Using Salesforce is a powerful way to increase efficiency for nonprofits, and the level of customisation achievable with Salesforce is amazing. Cirrico's mission of accelerating human growth through technology puts improving people's lives at the forefront. It's great to work for a company focussed on making the world a better place, and actively working towards that goal.

Julie has experience both in education and the nonprofit sphere. Julie is always interested in working with other people to achieve a common goal. Helping others is important, and using technology in a fast-paced world is a great way to do that. Julie was first introduced to Salesforce as the admin while working at a nonprofit, and was able to see how useful Salesforce is when it comes to fundraising and reporting. Julie is interested in using Salesforce to improve nonprofit governance and streamline monitoring and evaluation processes. Julie joined Cirrico as an Associate Consultant and is excited to grow her skills in the Salesforce ecosystem while helping nonprofits customise their Salesforce orgs.

Top 3 Values:
Integrity, Positivity, Empathy

Favorite Trailhead Trail:
Explore Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

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