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Build Lifelong Alumni And Donor Relationships

Put the best foot forward when communicating with alumni to cultivate long term relationships and enable staff to manage several different income streams with ease. The alumni pool can help to drive academic programs, plug gaps in funding and provide those important scholarships to make any institution truly accessible.

Cultivate longtime supporters and get real insights


Lack of modern productivity tools to facilitate engagement can make it difficult to strike a chord with alumni. Lack of automation and limited insights can quickly lead to disengagement once a student has left the institution, it can be very difficult to recover once that relationship and affinity is lost.


Without the correct technology, educational institutions can struggle to track students once they leave and have no further relationship with their alumni.

Personalise engagement
Maintain a 360 degree view of alumni and leverage multiple communication tools and channels to ensure meaningful conversations.


Empower staff throughout an organisation
Simple and intuitive platform that staff can quickly get to grips with to streamline their processes, increase efficiency and, most important of all, do what they are good at.


Streamline data entries

Enable teams to quickly create gifts, or even integrate their online giving forms with Education Cloud.


Don’t take our word for it

Our customers are our best brand evangelists, when we helped out FaithInvest they had some very nice things to say about us.

The portal that has been built is going to be integral to the development and the future of FaithInvest. It will allow us to do so much more, and allow our members to connect easily. This will really help us achieve our goals.

Mathew Jensen

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