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Nonprofit Cloud

There are many different products for charities and nonprofits, some doing membership, some donations, some contact management, some programme management. What if there was a system that did all four combined and so much more? Our goal is to help nonprofits have a huge impact through the use of the Nonprofit Cloud from Salesforce.

Lower the administration, raise the impact


We see many charities and nonprofits with a host of systems, often in silos, not connected up, with teams doubling up processes and often having to migrate data from one system to another. When building a charity or non-profit, organisations are often looking for what will do the job. Not looking at what they will need to grow.


Salesforce with Nonprofit Cloud takes a holistic view of what an organisation does. Completely configurable to a nonprofits needs with 100s of integrations to seamlessly move data from one system to another.

Easily manage programs

Nonprofit Cloud has an inbuilt program management module that enables nonprofits to measure and manage their programs more effectively. Allowing for engagement plans to map tasks for individuals (staff or participants) to make sure the step by step process of the program is followed.


It’s completely customisable 

Salesforce is based on the ability for nonprofits to create an environment that works for them. Salesforce Cloud can be customised to not only fit the data that nonprofits already have but automate the processes with formula fields, process builders and workflows. Nonprofit Cloud is designed to enable nonprofits to do less admin and more good work.


The power of reports and dashboards

At Cirrico we know that many funders want to see the results of a nonprofits work and that this often means a lot of paperwork. With Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, custom reports can be created to allow nonprofits to see all of their great work. Data can also be visualised with dashboards that use many reports to surface interactive charts on one page so that organisations can see their key metrics and KPIs at a glance.


Nonprofit Cloud

We understand that nonprofits can find it difficult to have all members of their organisation connected and for them all to have the same single view. Below are some of the issues that a nonprofit not using a platform to empower their staff and volunteers, like the Nonprofit Cloud, could face.


Outdated technology systems that the organisation has outgrown


Data on donors being stored in multiple places and members of staff all have differing views of the donor


Onboarding of volunteers is difficult and time-consuming


Difficulty sending out group emails to a specific set of people based on certain factors

Nonprofit Cloud benefits

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud provides nonprofits with the ability to breakdown silos between fundraising, marketing, programs, and leadership. Below are some of the benefits a nonprofit can access through using Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud.


Organisations can easily monitor the onboarding and engagement of volunteers


Ten free user licenses for nonprofits


Easily create segmented lists and send out quick emails through platforms such as Gmail and Outlook


Detailed reports and analytics

Don’t take our word for it

Our customers are our best brand evangelists, when we helped out StreetVet they had some very nice things to say about us.

Now we have Salesforce it’s so much easier to share and view the same data together, working as a team much more seamless now.

Zoe Abbot - Street Vet

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