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Gain Insights Into Data With Tableau

Tableau CRM gives nonprofits contextual insights and recommendations to drive their daily decision making, data driven decisions have never been easier to make. Tableau allows for nonprofits to receive notifications on their most important business metrics, allowing for smarter and faster decision making.

Easily visualise data with tableau analytics


We understand that  data analytics can often be time consuming and difficult, this would usually involve staff members having to learn certain types of software. This often puts nonprofits off and means that they never make the most out of the data that they collect. Data analytics usually involves nonprofits having to use multiple systems and logins, this could be Google Analytics, Microsoft dynamics, Amazon Redshift and many more.


These are issues that Tableau CRM solves, the data analytics platform makes reading data easy. This allows nonprofits to quickly spot trends and patterns, this enables for insights to be shared earlier than usual and help drive growth. Tableau also helps solve the issue of having multiple systems and loggings, this is due to the use of connectors that allow Tableau to display all of the visual data in one place.

Data made easy

Quickly spot visual patterns revealing both everyday opportunities and eureka moments, this allows for insights to be easily shared across teams to help drive growth. Tableau allows for data to be transformed into visually effective dashboards or any kind of chart/graph, this could be a bar chart, line chart, pie chart, scatter plot or many others.


Tableau Community

The Tableau community has over one million users, the diverse group of passionate and supportive people from around the world all interact with each other. Helping each other build their skills, develop their careers and make new friends.


AI for enterprise

Tableau offers the most complete and flexible analytics platform, Tableau includes fully integrated data management and governance, visual analytics, data storytelling, collaboration capabilities and AI built right into Salesforce CRM.



We understand that nonprofits can find it difficult to gain insights into their data and don’t know how to make the most out of their data. Below are some of the issues a nonprofit can face if they do not have an analytical platform such as Tableau.


Data stored on multiple platforms


Time consuming data analytics


Lack of visual data representation


Data systems that are difficult to understand and time consuming to learn

Tableau Analytics benefits

Tableau allows for nonprofits to automatically find simple answers to complex business questions in their data. This allows them to learn what happened, why it happened, the effects and what to do about it. Below are some of the benefits a nonprofit can gain from using Tableau Analytics.


Tableau users can gain knowledge and useful insights from the Tableau community, the forums allow users to discuss issues and also share their user experience


Ease of use through drag and drop format diagrams


Unmatched data visualisation tools that help transform statistical information into logical results


Customise dashboards specifically for mobile devices. Tableau understands which device is viewing the report and automatically makes adjustments

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