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Russell Newman

Head of Sales

I am an optimist who is passionate about sustainability. I have also seen first hand that business' (including Salesforce) can be an incredible platform for change. At Cirrico I believe I am working for an organisation that was founded in order to accelerate the push to a sustainable world and believe what I believe. I'm excited about working for an organisation that describes success as creating positive social impact and contributing to making the future one we can be all be excited about.

Russ has worked in the Salesforce ecosystem since 2010 and has built up a vast amount of experience working with a wide array of customers from small SMB’s all the way though to some of the world’s biggest brands. At Cirrico he works to make sure that our customers are achieving their goals via use of the salesforce platform.

Top 3 Values:
Family, Discipline, Authenticity

Favourite Trailhead Trail:

Create A Sustainable Future

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