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We work with every type of sustainable organisation, we’re obsessed with using technology to drive human progress, and we love sharing our insights. If you’re looking for news on big cloud tech developments or inspiring stories from your peers, you’ll find it all here.

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Empower Your Nonprofit with Cirrico’s Specialised Salesforce Squads

Cirrico has established itself as a leader in aligning technology solutions with the needs of human services organisations. Committed to empowering nonprofit success through technology, Cirrico unveils a transformative update: reorganising our delivery team into four specialised squads to sharpen our focus on distinct segments within the nonprofit sector. 

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Salesforce World Tour 2024 Nonprofit Debrief and Networking Dinner with Cirrico

Connect with fellow attendees from the Salesforce World Tour 2024 for an exclusive debrief and networking dinner in a relaxed and social setting, hosted by us at Top 1 Forever, London on Thursday, 6 June 2024 from 3pm. This event is exclusively for nonprofits.

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Unlocking Nonprofit Efficiency: A Closer Look at Salesforce AppExchange

In the dynamic world of nonprofit organisations, the quest for efficiency and impact is unending. Salesforce, with its robust AppExchange marketplace, offers an array of applications and services designed to bolster the capabilities of nonprofits.

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Enhancing Nonprofit Service Delivery with Salesforce Field Service

Salesforce Field Service, built on the renowned Einstein AI platform, is revolutionising the way nonprofits manage field operations. From elevating customer engagement to optimising field teams, this solution offers nonprofits a way to transform their service delivery.

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Safeguarding Nonprofit Data: A Dive into Salesforce Security Features

Salesforce Shield is a comprehensive security solution designed for organisations requiring advanced security and compliance. It comprises four key components.

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Optimising Fundraising Strategies with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

In the evolving landscape of nonprofit fundraising, the need for effective and efficient marketing tools has never been greater. Salesforce Marketing Cloud stands out as a game-changing solution, offering nonprofits tailored tools to enhance their fundraising efforts.

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Building Connected Nonprofit Communities with Salesforce Experience Cloud

Nonprofit organisations are leveraging technology to connect with their supporters, volunteers, and beneficiaries more effectively than ever before. Salesforce Experience Cloud, a powerful platform designed to create engaging online experiences, is at the forefront of this transformation.

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Elevating WaterAid’s Fundraising with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

With the goal of amplifying their impact, WaterAid America has recently partnered with Cirrico. A dedicated Salesforce implementation partner specialising in working with nonprofits.

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Streamlining Nonprofit Operations with Salesforce OmniStudio

Managing donor relationships, fundraising efforts, volunteer coordination, and program management can be overwhelming without the right tools in place.

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Unifying Operations: Elevate Nonprofit Efficiency with Salesforce App Consolidation

In the mission to embrace a digital frontier, nonprofits find themselves juggling a plethora of software applications to orchestrate their operations. These span across various domains including customer relationship management, marketing automation, and project management.

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