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Data Slam! Marketing and Fundraising – A data match made in heaven by Safiyyah Gareeboo

Safiyyah Gareeboo is a Marketing expert at Cirrico, she has run large  email marketing and Salesforce implementations during her career. This week she is presenting at Fundraising Everywhere’s event Data Slam! 

She’s prepared some interesting tips and information sharing her knowledge and expertise about making your fundraising and marketing work seamlessly together! 

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The Art of The Possible with Jorge Minguell. From escaping a military coup in Chile to Harry Potter, and a burning passion to making a positive impact through technology

From escaping a military coup in Chile to Harry Potter, and a burning passion to making a positive impact through technology, we covered a LOT of topics in our latest episode of The Art of The Possible. Laura, Technology Evangelist here at Cirrico spent a fascinating hour or so with Jorge Minguell, Success Engagement Director for the EMEA at Salesforce.org, to learn his incredible story and the work he is doing with Salesforce.

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Managing the impact of COVID through technology: a look at human and social services

This past year has brought with it increased awareness of our own physical and mental health and well-being like none other before it. While not everyone had the same experiences or challenges, no one in the UK has been left untouched by the COVID crisis. We look at ways nonprofits can accelerate change through technology in the human and social sectors.

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The Art of The Possible: How can you save millions of lives through 1 app?

How can you save millions of lives through an App? Laura Croudace speaks to Sophia ‘Puff’ Story about this, American Red Cross Blood App on how they did just this, through technology.

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Attending Nonprofit Summit 2021? Here’s how to get the most out of the event

With the Salesforce Non-Profit Summit just around the corner on April 21st 2021 the team at Cirrico is super excited to be attending.
We are all missing in-person events, especially the amazing Salesforce events which are usually inspirational and high energy. Cirrico’s Technology Impact Evangelist, Laura Croudace asked global events director  Rebecca Elcome how do we get the best from this amazing event, virtually.

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Lockdown has forced many charities to work differently to find new ways of connecting and engaging their beneficiaries and stakeholders. Necessity is most definitely breeding invention and we’re heartened by the creativity and innovation that charities are using to offer new ways to continue to deliver their services and to keep their donors and supporters engaged – even with facilities closed and so many programmes on hold.

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The progress being made on the world’s greatest problems is not fast enough. Cirrico has made some fundamental changes so that we can play our part to accelerate this progress.

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Find out ways in which the Salesforce ecosystem have come together to help workers during COVID-19, including the free resources you can access.

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This informative article is a great read for anyone involved in planning what data to store in Salesforce, or how to plan the migration. It’s a functionally focussed introduction to some key themes you’ll need to become knowledgeable about.

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