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Program Management

Program management is part of the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. The solution enables program managers to understand which implementations were successful, adjust programs to better fit the participants needs, and simply create new programs.

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We understand that it is difficult for nonprofits to gain a single view of all their data. This means that they struggle to understand who is involved in the programs, what services are being delivered, how much is being delivered, and who provided the service.


Nonprofits are often using paper or spreadsheets to track a program or service, this can create a huge amount of issues. These issues can be amplified if the programs or services are complex.

Manage multiple types of programs

Program Management from Salesforce provides nonprofits with a tool that enables them to manage a variety of programs, regardless of the complexity.


Power Of Us Hub Community Support

Users of the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, including program management, can access the Power Of Us Hub community. This allows for users to communicate with their peers and share knowledge of Program Management easily.


A single view of participants

Program management provides nonprofits with a platform to gain a single view of their programs, this allows them to see program funding, program participants, cost per participant, and much more.


Programme Management

Nonprofits struggle to track complex programs and services due to the paper and spreadsheet based methods, this can cause multiple issues for nonprofits. Below are some of the issues for nonprofits who struggle with program management.


Having registers for different programs and programme cohorts in different places


Not being able to see contacts that are enrolled in multiple programs


Not having your program data integrated with your other data


Inability to easily display the data gained from programs, makes it difficult to review programs and learn how to improve them.

Program Management benefits

Program Management, part of the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, provides nonprofits with a framework that allows them to track any type of program or service. Below are some of the benefits a nonprofit can gain from using program management.


Integrate program data, with the all other contacts, donations and campaign data within salesforce


Be able to see and manage contacts that are enrolled in multiple programs potentially on multiple cohorts as well


Use salesforce’s powerful reporting tools to see which courses are more popular and whether specific groups of people are enrolling in specific courses


Program Management is open source, meaning that the platform was built with input from expert level Salesforce users. This makes the platform the perfect solution for issues that Salesforce users are experiencing with program management.

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Our customers are our best brand evangelists, when we helped out FaithInvest they had some very nice things to say about us.

Killian and Janaid took the time to understand FaithInvest, and how the portal would contribute to the success of FaithInvest. They really did understand just how vital the the portal was and what they created is fantastic, it’s going to be integral to FaithInvest moving forward.

Matthew Jensen - FaithInvest

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