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Manage Applications With Admissions Connect

Applications are a massive administrative hurdle for any educational institutions. Making the application process easy for both students and the school admin staff, is of paramount importance for Admissions Connect.

Relieve the admin burden with Admission Connect


Applications to any educational institution requires a lot of paperwork. Even with the shift to online applications many education institutions still have to sort potentially millions of documents.


These documents are often not held together in an easily manageable format. Making it hard to compare applications and find usable data, this does not allow organisations to see trends and pick out any biases in admissions.

Applications in one place
Rather than have members of staff shifting through application, sharing spreadsheets or dividing application, which can all lead to data loss. Having all of the applications in one place is an added advantage of being able to work collaboratively on an application, this ensures that these students to be get the support they need.


Application portal for applicants
Working on both desktop and mobile, this online portal can give applicants a place to upload all necessary documents, enter personal details and receive updates on their application. The application portal includes checklists for applicants that can change based on any data they have previously entered.


Automate parts of the application process
Imagine a world where organisations could auto-forward an application to the correct teams without having to press a single button. This is the power of Salesforce, whether an application needs to go to a particular department or to a more general department like SEN, this can be automated with Salesforce and Admissions Connect.


Education Cloud


Manual entry of applications


Manual sorting of applications


Not being able to report statistics regarding application in an easy manner


Having to manually share applications to the relevant departments

The benefits of Salesforce in education

Education Cloud uses the power of the Salesforce 360 platform but tailoring to be used in Education. Putting students at its heart, Education Cloud has class structures, education plans, exam structures and many other in-built features to help your students thrive. Below is a list with some of the benefits that an educational institution using Salesforce can gain.


All of your applications in one place


Auto forward application to the right person


Applications can be submitted on any device from anywhere


Report easily on your applications data

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