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Salesforce Marketing Cloud For Educational Organisations

Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows educational institutions to send students, families and staff the right message at the right moment through the use of intelligent marketing automation. Grow relationships and revenue with seamless experiences from ad to account, email to e-commerce, social to service and more.

Marketing journeys for all audiences


One of the challenges many educational institutions face is connecting information from multiple sources, organisations gather small pieces of data about their customers from multiple tools and systems. These small sources of information can often be hard to collate and track. We understand that organisations can also find it difficult to contact these customers with clear and consistent messages.


Organisations can also find it difficult to understand and predict customer behaviour, the understanding organisations have of their customers inevitably affects how they interact with them. The more an organisation knows about their consumer the more they can personalise these touch points.

Give one message, in volume, over time
Marketing Cloud brings together many different strands of communication; such as, email, SMS, push notifications, ads, web landing pages and apps. Allowing education centres to combine different channels into one communication flow, syncing up both your messages and your conversion data.


Bringing data together
Marketing Cloud sits on Salesforce, which means that all of an organisations Salesforce data can be used in their marketing communications. Automations can also run off their marketing communications, to add extra data points to help organisations improve their campaigns. 


Automated marketing journeys
Students have to hit certain deadlines, highlighting these differing deadlines to different groups of students can be very time consuming. Using Marketing Cloud organisations can create automated journeys that can be altered and then re-used for the next academic year.


Marketing Cloud

We understand that education centres find it difficult to grow relationships and create student journeys. Organisations often struggle to communicate with students at the right time and with the correct messages, below are some of the issues schools in this situation can face.


Multiple data platforms


Poor insights into customer behaviour


Ineffective and inconsistent communication with customers


Lack of customer journeys

The benefits of using Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud allows organisations to create data driven, personalised, customer journeys across multiple channels. Using just one platform means that organisations can provide a consistent, cohesive customer experience across multiple channels such as emails, social, website and advertising. Below are some of the benefits using Marketing Cloud.


Manage customer journeys


Create customised messages through Marketing Cloud Tools such as journey builder, email studio, social studio and other tools


Engage with customers during every important customer touchpoint


Predicting what marketing tool appeals to a customer through the use of Salesforce Einstein

Don’t take our word for it

Our customers are our best brand evangelists, when we helped out Global Youth Mobilisation they had some very nice things to say about us.

The best part of our Salesforce is that everything is in one place, on previous projects we’ve had spreadsheets with information on and this made finding the data difficult. Now if someone needs the information I can just send them the Salesforce link

Ashely Tee - Global Youth Mobilisation

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