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A Holistic Approach To Human Service Organisations

We understand that helping people is a huge task and having the right technology in place to scale work, and also keep staff, teams and data safe are a few of the main considerations when making decisions about how organisations move forward within their growth journey.

One solution to empower an organisation’s human-services journey


We understand the complexities that sometimes arise when running programmes and services to help people across the UK. Over the years we’ve helped many organisations scale and have systems in place to ensure that they are able to do incredible work.


Managing many different areas such as, managing services remotely on-the-go for staff, recording day-to-day data such as distances travelled, managing staff safety and needing to equip them to send emergency alerts, managing your sensitive data and having GDPR compliance, ensuring that caseworkers can easily share information, appointment planning tools to make the best use of staff time on the go, managing impacts for fundraising applications and campaigns in one place, holding all organisational data in one easy-to-access place. All of these areas are important, and with Salesforce organisations can achieve all of their needs in one place easily

Managing services remotely on-the-go for staff

Service Cloud forms the bedrock for our Human Services solutions; it allows for omni-channel support for clients, as well as utilising Salesforce’s core CRM features of Contact management to ensure a complete, holistic view of each of clients, staff, and caseworkers


Improve the user experience

Experience cloud enables service users to access key information about the services organisations provide them with, including historical records and details of upcoming meetings/sessions. It draws on all the data organisations are using in Service Cloud, but presents it in a highly-branded, easy-to-use portal whilst ensuring data security and access is controlled and monitored.


Case Management

The Case Management Module provides the tools needed to manage a caseload of clients, from referrals and assessments tools, to support plans, risk management, and goal setting. The Case Management Module does this all with a user-friendly system that is easy to navigate and works either on a computer or a mobile.


On-the-go appointment planning
If caseworkers have to travel between different locations for their work, Field Service Lightning enables them  to plan and track their appointments with clients on-the-go. The mobile app also allows workers to prioritise appointments based on urgency or proximity, and make all the appointment notes and updates they need on Salesforce, even if they don’t have internet access on location.


Issues Human Service Organisations Face


Time-consuming administration


Limited visibility of caseworkers notes to other staff members when needed


Paper-based/in-person reports that are time consuming


Disconnected teams in the process

Benefits of using Salesforce


Create an emergency alert system using pre-configured alerts to send SMSs and emails to key stakeholders and staff in case of emergency or concern over clients


Field Service Lighting enables traveling caseworkers to plan and track their appointments with clients on-the-go, helping boost staff safety


Keep sensitive data safe and GDPR compliant


Communicate with clients in a manner that suits them, whilst also ensuring safeguarding is taken into account by keeping conversations logged within Salesforce

Don’t take our word for it

Here at Cirrico we are laser focused on accelerating impact through the use of technology, this is best displayed through our work with organisations like Royal National Children’s Springboard Foundation.

By designing and creating the tools that will amplify the efforts of the charity, we’ve done what we always strive to do: use technology as a force for good in the world

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