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Improve Marketing and Engagement With Salesforce

Salesforce allows for nonprofits to easily market towards and engage with potential donors, the platform also allows for nonprofits to measure and analyse this engagement. The technology means that nonprofits can engage with potential donors throughout their entire donor journey, creating personalised interactions with tools such as Integration Studio.

Improve conversions with engaging marketing techniques


We understand that nonprofits can often find it difficult to market themselves in an engaging way towards potential donors, whilst also having the ability to easily visualise this data and keep track of donor interactions. Contacting potential donors and donors throughout their journey, with personalised messages across multiple touchpoints, with consistent messages is vitally important. 


We know that nonprofits find it difficult to measure and display their marketing data, often struggling to show where a potential donor or donor is on their journey. Data that is easily visualised allows nonprofits to make informed decisions about how and when to interact with individuals.


Salesforce allows nonprofits to engage with their donors and potential donors in several ways. Nonprofits can deliver the right message, every-time with a library of marketing approved templates and nurture tracks. Nonprofits can also engage with customers via one-to-one emails from a chosen email interface, these interactions are also automatically logged. This means that time doesn’t have to be wasted manually logging these interactions and potentially making room for human error.


Leverage data

Salesforce allows nonprofits to access all of their donors data and they can put it into action instantly. Salesforce provides a 360-degree view of each customer, this allows for custom messages to be sent across at every interaction and at any stage of the donor journey.


Automated marketing

Salesforce allows for nonprofits to automate their marketing, this can be done through the use of Pardot. This means that nonprofits can make contact with donors or potential donors when they make certain trigger actions, for example if a user attends a webinar they could be sent an automated personalised email with more information. The capabilities of Pardots automated marketing tools are endless.


Marketing and Engagement

We understand that nonprofits find it difficult to develop engaging marketing campaigns, we also understand that nonprofits struggle to measure and display the success of their marketing campaigns. Below are some of the issues a nonprofit can face if they don’t have the correct technology to help them with their marketing and engagement.


Difficult to visualise a customer journey


Not being able to send out automated targeted emails to specific groups within a database


Struggle to track marketing efforts, including return-on-investment


Inconsistent touch points


Inconsistent marketing messages being sent to customers


Poor record of previous communications with customers


Having to create multiple email templates for single emails and not being able to automate those notifications


Having to download and upload email data into a third-party email management system

Benefits of using Salesforce for Marketing and Engagement

Salesforce is a platform that allows nonprofits to effectively market their services and engage with potential customers, this means that a nonprofits marketing efforts can be drastically improved. Below are some of the benefits Salesforce can provide for a nonprofit.


Salesforce allows for customers to be nurtured along their journey


Leads can be graded and scored. This means that they can be scored based on how interested they are in the organisations product/service, they can also be graded based on how well they fit the organisations criteria.


Marketing can become automated, for example leads that interact with certain touch points will receive specific messages based on their behaviour.


Reporting is simple and difficult data can be easily visualised using reports and dashboards.


Create automated email journeys for contacts, including different streams that contacts can go down with different calls to action within those streams


Integrate a third-party email management system directly into salesforce. Using apps that sync directly into salesforce, for example, Mail Chimp, autopilot and custom API integrations


Nonprofits can send out single emails to groups of people within their system. Flagging up special offers or fundraising events plus many more opportunities to grow an organisation


A chronological timeline of communications with customers

Don’t take our word for it

Our customers are our best brand evangelists, when we helped out StreetVet they had some very nice things to say about us.

Previously although there were only three or four of us working together the data share just wasn’t at the level it needed to be, this made completing even simple tasks complicated. Now we have Salesforce it’s so much easier to share and view the same data together, working as a team much more seamless now.

Zoe Abbot - Street Vet

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