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Realise The Art Of The Possible with Cirrico

As a leading Nonprofit Partner, Cirrico offers innovative technological solutions specifically tailored for the nonprofit sector. Our team of Cirrico Salesforce Consultants and Project Managers excel in assisting organisations, irrespective of their tech proficiency, making a difference.

Create a blueprint for the future


It’s common for nonprofits to lack the necessary internal expertise to design an online system tailored to their needs. Gathering comprehensive requirements from their staff and discerning between straightforward tasks and those necessitating a custom solution can be a challenge.


Without the right guidance, nonprofits may end up with an online system that fails to align with their unique requirements. This misalignment can drastically reduce system efficiency, sometimes rendering it ineffective since it isn’t specifically tailored to the organisation’s needs.

Nonprofit-Centric Design & Planning with Salesforce

At the heart of a Cirrico project lies the crucial ‘blueprint‘ phase. Here, our nonprofit partners collaborate with Cirrico Salesforce Consultants to identify the project’s objectives. This phase enlightens even the less tech-savvy about the transformative potential of Salesforce technology, emphasising how it can be customised to their nonprofit’s distinct demands.


Understanding Salesforce: Pricing and Licensing Options
Through Cirrico’s ‘Art of the Possible’ initiative, nonprofits have the opportunity to navigate an extensive product range, exploring various configurations. This empowers organisations to comprehend how potential system integrations can harmonise with their existing structures. By the conclusion of this exploration, nonprofits are better positioned to make informed decisions on their Salesforce journey.


Salesforce Education with Trailhead
Trailhead offers an engaging and complimentary avenue for individuals to learn Salesforce. Catering to everyone, including those less familiar with tech, users can learn at a comfortable pace. Emma’s testament underscores its significance: “Dive into Trailhead to commence your learning journey. It’s crucial for staff members to be adept at Salesforce; it’s akin to purchasing a car but then not knowing how to drive it.” This platform not only simplifies Salesforce comprehension but ensures that upon Salesforce implementation, users are primed to maximise their investment benefits.


Don’t take our word for it

Our customers are our best brand evangelists, when we helped out Street Soccer they had some very nice things to say about us.

Cirrico were a great help from day one, they made the transition feel simple, easy and were on hand to answer any queries throughout the project

Cameron Black - Central Operations Manager

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