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FinDock For Nonprofits

FinDock extends Salesforce with a payments layer which connects online and offline payments with Salesforce CRM. FinDock allows for nonprofits to capture real-time payment data at any stage, on any channel, across any payment method. Nonprofits can easily manage payment processing and reconciliation for one-time and recurring payments, such as direct debits.

Organisations we've implemented FinDock for...

Enrich CRM data with payment information

Through the capabilities of FinDock, nonprofits can gain a 360 degree view of the payments they receive. This provides nonprofits with deeper understanding of their donors’ payment preferences and history. FinDocks Guided Matching automatically matches data from imported files to your CRM data. You have full visibility at each step of the way and can customise rules to ensure all your needs are met. If there are outliers, FinDock takes you through a guided matching process which gives you control over any outstanding data matching.


Personalised payment experiences

FinDock stores actionable payment information in a nonprofits Salesforce CRM. This allows for personalised experiences to be delivered which increases conversions, enhances the donors experience, and improves donor retention.


Centralised operations

FinDock provides nonprofits with control over their entire payment journey. This allows nonprofits to streamline and optimise their payment processes to help increase efficiencies and reduce costs. Nonprofits are able to easily switch on/off payment methods in Salesforce, FinDock allows users to add and choose which payment methods to offer. Nonprofits can simply optimise payment stacks in real time.


Require support with your payment solutions?

If you require help with your payment solutions then why not reach out to the experts at Cirrico. We have been a Salesforce partner since 2009, working with nonprofits of all sizes. We are experts at implementing Salesforce for nonprofits.

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