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Jumpstart Your Digital Transformation With A Salesforce Quickstart

It’s critical for technology teams, especially those within nonprofit sectors, to ensure that every investment leaves a significant imprint on their operations, fundraising, and mission-focused activities. Cirrico Salesforce Quickstarts serve as an efficient, high-impact gateway for nonprofits to initiate and fully leverage the power of Salesforce.

Scaling new heights using Salesforce

Streamlining and Automation with a Salesforce Quickstart
Often, some team members are burdened with time-consuming tasks and intricate processes. Imagine a fundraiser consistently pulling reports to manually dissect data for emailing potential contributors to the latest campaign, it’s tedious and inefficient. Here’s where Salesforce and Cirrico can revolutionise this scenario. By implementing Salesforce through a Quickstart project, such tasks can be automated, optimised, and transformed into efficient processes. This not only saves valuable time but also up-skills the team through technology-driven training.


Expanding your Horizons with Salesforce

The Salesforce Quickstart initiative equips nonprofits with a dedicated Salesforce Consultant, allotting at least an hour daily (and often more) to explore the platform’s wide-ranging capabilities. This one-on-one time is ideal for addressing technical queries, learning more about Salesforce’s potential, and creating a comprehensive Salesforce roadmap – all without any obligation to commit further. This exploration can significantly aid the growth and expansion of your nonprofit on Salesforce.


Strategic Salesforce Implementation Across the Organisation

While Quickstart projects offer significant benefits, they aren’t intended to address every aspect of an organisation at once. A better approach is to choose a specific department or workstream for the initial Salesforce implementation. This allows staff members to gradually familiarize themselves with Salesforce’s functionalities and capabilities, easing future department-wide rollouts. This strategic approach makes Quickstart projects an ideal starting point for integrating Salesforce across multiple departments.


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If you’re wanting to perhaps grow your fundraising, if you’re having that challenge of needing to increase your revenue then Salesforce is going to give you the tools and the platform to be able to do that more effectively

Emma Noble - The Passage

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