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Service Cloud For Businesses

Service cloud is a customer service management solution, which enables businesses to improve customer service efficiency. This is done through being able to view a customer’s activity, whilst also using field service, web chat, CTI and social customer service.

Provide customers with the best service experience


Businesses need to ensure that they are delivering swift and responsive customer service. This has a massive effect on a businesses reputation which can both positively and negatively affect a customers perception.


A good service management system should ensure that the process is efficient for both customers and the service agents. Agents should be provided with all of the information necessary, such as; activity history, personal information, detail on the issue, next best actions, and much more.

All of a customers data in one place

Service Cloud provides service agents with a view of all the data on an individual. Every email, chat message, voicemail and any other interaction, which is displayed in chronological order. With this holistic view service agents can perform to the best of their abilities, providing customers with the best experience possible and swiftly resolving their issues.


Customers can self serve

Through the use of Service Cloud, customers are provided with a platform where they can interact with each other and ask each other questions. This means that service agents have more time to focus on more specific issues. Unanswered questions can then be allocated to service agents, ensuring that every case is resolved.


Resolve cases across multiple channels

Service Cloud provides customers with the ability to contact the business through multiple channels, allowing them to choose the channel that best suits them. These customer communications can then be handled through the service console, providing service agents the platform to follow the business practices and help customers swiftly.


Service Cloud for businesses

Customer services and how a customer has their problems resolved has a huge impact on a businesses reputation, this can be positive or negative. Below are some of the issues an organisation can face when tackling customer services if they are not supported with the correct technology.


Limited records of previous communications with customers


Difficulty tracking customer cases across multiple channels, leaving customers unhappy and possibly creating a negative reputation


Inexperienced service agents are placed on difficult cases that require a more experienced service agent


Find it difficult to track a customer service teams performance in real time


Customers find it difficult to find and select an appropriate channel to contact the organisation


No platform where customers can self serve themselves and find answers to their questions


Being reactive instead proactively finding out where issues could arise in the future cases


Want to create remote working capabilities so that service agents are not tied to working from one location

The benefits of Service Cloud

Service Cloud provides businesses with lots of benefits, empowering their customer service team to swiftly solve customer cases. Below are some of the benefits a business can gain through the use of Service Cloud.


Easily respond to customers across multiple channels. This could be via social media, a chat box, phone line and other channels


See analytics of the customer service team in real time


Organisations can track the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are most important to them


Provide customers with the ability to find answers they need through a platform containing FAQs


Communication channels are built into the organisation's website, making it easy for customers to get support


Predict customers future needs and wants, proactively resolving issues before they arise


Keep records of every interaction with customers, no matter the channel that they communicate through


Easily assign the best-suited agent to each inquiry

Support your service team with Salesforce

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