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What Is Net Zero Cloud?

“Net-zero” refers to the target of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming to zero. As temperatures rise, weather patterns change becoming more and more extreme, agreements and legislation have been drawn up to combat climate change. The UK became the first major economy to legislate for net-zero and many countries have also now done so. As a result of this, more organisations are being required to track and report on their emissions and many more choose to do so, enabling them to make meaningful and positive progress.

Introduction to Net Zero Cloud

Net Zero Cloud is a carbon accounting solution for organisations to analyse their carbon data, make informed decisions & reducing greenhouse gas emissions. You can use it to quantify your carbon footprint by tracking carbon emissions and energy consumption generated by your various assets or activities, which might include buildings, products and travel, covering scopes 1, 2 & 3 emissions.

Preloaded with reference data from various sources (US Environmental Protection Agency, US Energy Information Administration, UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, Greenhouse Gas Protocol), inventory calculations performed via Net Zero Cloud are automated based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting & Reporting Standard. It is also possible to integrate reference data from other sources should you wish to do so.

Net Zero Cloud itself is a carbon neutral product. Salesforce’s sustainability commitment includes various initiatives, and recently achieved Net Zero across its full value chain and 100% renewable energy for its operations. They developed emissions reductions strategies across Scope 1, 2 and 3 in key categories, including infrastructure, business travel and supply chain. Using Net Zero Cloud, Salesforce was able to reduce its carbon accounting process from over six months to just six weeks.


What difference could Net Zero Cloud make to an organisation?

Traditional carbon accounting is a time and labour intensive task. It can take up to 6 months for organisations to gather data, log it in spreadsheets and track down missing data, then actually making calculations and verifying their accuracy. Organisations often employ third parties to do these tasks for them.

Net Zero Cloud provides a stable and structured data model, bringing consistency and powerful analytics to this process. Taking this task in-house can be a big cost saver, but most importantly, having visibility of this data empowers you to make informed decisions, set targets and have a more positive impact on the environment.

You can also provide auditors with appropriate access to your Net Zero Cloud data, allowing them to review, question and ultimately sign off on your data within Salesforce. This means that any learnings and context can be recorded in Salesforce using a collaboration tool like Chatter and can be made visible to your sustainability managers.


What advice would you give to an organisation about Net Zero Cloud and using Salesforce?

Salesforce is a reliable and scalable platform with a truly unique and collaborative ecosystem. Net Zero Cloud can be a stand alone solution that doesn’t require you to use Salesforce for other use cases but can also be built within an existing Salesforce environment as another app, extending the functionality available to you.

Improvements and new functionality are released to the Salesforce platform and the majority of their products on a very regular basis through their 3 annual releases, so you are not investing in a static product – you are gaining access to something that will grow and improve over time, with the agenda and roadmap driven by end users, experts and developers around the world.

The spirit of collaboration, innovation and improvement underpins the Salesforce ecosystem.



To help you and your colleagues on your learning journey, Cirrico have created their very own Net Zero Cloud Trailmix which will guide you through the fundamentals of Net Zero Cloud. 

Want to know more about Net Zero Cloud?

If you have any questions around Net Zero Cloud or would simply like to find out more, fill out the form below and get in contact with the experts at Cirrico!

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