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Salesforce Platform For Education

Salesforce is a single, secure and scalable platform which applications are built on, the flexibility of Salesforce Platform enables Salesforce solutions to be built to business needs and integrated with other systems through apps from the AppExchange. Allowing organisations to add any custom built process they would like whilst also drawing on the pre-built apps that are used by 1,000s of educational organisations.

Giving you the flexibility and quality to grow


It is vital that educational centres are connecting with leads and utilising the latest technology, Salesforce Platform provides a set of unified platform services that adapts to each individual organisational needs.


This helps unify the organisations as a whole, allowing for sales to be made faster, services can then tailor their process quickly creating apps specific to the customers needs, and marketing can take them on customised journeys. This helps increase employee productivity and help with customer connectivity.

Continuous innovation

We understand that it is important for schools/colleges/universities to have flexible solutions that can adapt to the change, Salesforce Platform allows for continuous innovation with free improvements from Salesforce twice a year, whilst also allowing for a level of customisation that allows the school to thrive.


App development

Salesforce platform also allows an organisation to build apps that can be used by different groups of people for different purposes. App building can happen at a much faster pace due to the ability to assemble apps from a large library of reusable and well defined components, the Lighting App Builder also allows for custom built solutions and off-the-shelf components to assemble apps. Meaning that organisations can have an app for students, an app for parents, even an app for a particular process.


Gain access to Salesforce AppExchange

AppExchange is an online marketplace for third-party applications that run on Salesforce Platform. This allows for customised Salesforce extensions to be installed, there are over 3,000 apps and components available on the AppExchange to benefit every department and industry. Whether it is integrations into an events/ticketing platform or a payment portal, AppExchange has you covered.


Salesforce Platform

We understand that organisations often find it difficult to find apps that suit their Salesforce system and can find it tricky to customise their system, below is a list of issues organisations can face without using Salesforce Platform.


Difficulty finding app extension


Difficulty creating team apps


Lacking a customisable platform


Time consuming paper based tasks

Benefits of using Salesforce Platform

Salesforce Platform allows for Salesforce solutions to be customised to an organisations individual needs, below are some of the benefits that the Salesforce Platform can provide.


Easily download and install apps through the AppExchange


Develop apps with clicks or code


Removed paper based processes and digitise any business process


Build Salesforce mobile apps

Don’t take our word for it

Our customers are our best brand evangelists, when we helped out StreetVet they had some very nice things to say about us.

Now we have Salesforce it’s so much easier to share and view the same data together, working as a team much more seamless now

Zoe Abbotts - Managing Director

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