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Measure And Report Emissions With Net Zero Cloud

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud is used to measure and report greenhouse gas emissions, allowing educational institutions to create an environment that is fit for their students. The Net Zero Cloud platform is the number one option for organisations who are looking to take action in reducing their carbon footprint.

Achieve net zero with Net Zero Cloud


We understand that analysing and reporting on carbon emission and energy usage data can be extremely time consuming, the same also goes for carbon accounting audits. These tasks can take months and can become barriers to actions for any organisation.


Not only can collating this data be difficult and time consuming, simply displaying this data can also be a task within itself. This can often make it difficult for organisations to evaluate their corporate environmental impact and display the impact to board members.

Quickly complete carbon accounting audits

Net Zero Cloud provides organisations with preloaded datasets to accurately assess their carbon accounting, allowing them to translate their finances and receipts into what their carbon footprint is.


Trusted analytics on a trusted platform

Analysing and reporting carbon emissions is often extremely time-consuming. Net Zero Cloud provides organisations with a platform that collates all of their carbon emission and energy usage data, this allows them to create a climate action plan based on accurate data they can trust. The Salesforce platform then allows the organisations to plan and manage these plans.


Simple data visualisation

Net Zero Cloud allows educational institutions to use rich data visualisation tools and dashboards that can help display patterns and trends. The reports have the same look and feel as all their other Salesforce reports and dashboards, making them easy to read.


Net Zero Cloud

We understand that measuring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions is often a difficult and time-consuming task, below are some of the issues that organisations face when usually trying to report on their emissions and carbon footprint.


Creating reports is a time consuming task


Difficulty formulating a climate action plan


Not tracking energy and emission trends


Creating carbon accounting audits is tedious and time consuming

Net Zero Cloud benefits

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud allows organisations to make themselves more ecologically responsible by providing a platform where they can easily spot patterns and trends regarding their emissions. Here are some of the benefits of using Net Zero Cloud.


One single source of truth, this allows for climate actions plans to be created, measured and managed easily


Track carbon emissions and energy consumption with simple analytical tools


Use preloaded datasets to swiftly complete carbon accounting audits


Easily view data through rich data visualisation tools and dashboards

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