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Drive Student Wellbeing And Success

Provide students with the help and support services that they need and give advisors a holistic view of their students to facilitate trust and strong relationships. Unify all data sources to enable advisors to have a cohesive view of student appointments, coursework, relationships and affiliations. Empower students to connect with a network of advisors to assist in a number of areas

Streamline student services and improve student success


Legacy systems often don’t leverage the communication abilities that are now normal, such as live chat, SMS and social channels, so it can be hard to overcome barriers and get to know your students and monitor their wellbeing.


Higher education can be an overwhelming experience for people with several administrative tasks to do and lots of different sources of information to process.

Allow students to interact at a time that suits them

Salesforce for educational institutions helps provides students with the ability to access event signups, view available office hours, and select classes to attend all through a portal via experience cloud. This makes the student experience much more simple and allows them to have full control of their journey through education.


Students can track assignments and marks in one place

Students who use Salesforce have the ability to access and view their upcoming assignments and marked assignments all in one place. This provides students with easy access to important information and allows them to best prepare for their education.


Put social events in a place where all students will see them

Experience Cloud enables students to have access to an event calendar, meaning that they will never miss the opportunity to go to an extra-curriculum event again. This enables students to have a much more enjoyable experience as they have simple access to every opportunity they are provided with.


Don't take our word for it

Our customers are our best brand evangelists, when we helped out One Young World they had some very nice things to say about us.

I know that Salesforce has saved the team around 10 hours a week each by having Salesforce automate, and provide reports at the click of a button, thanks to the training that Cirrico provided it’s meant everyone can use the system efficiently.

Stefan Kovacevic - One Young World

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