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Account Engagement For Educational Organisations

Account Engagement is a Salesforce solution that allows educational institutions to strategically qualify leads, create personalised marketing campaigns, and find out which marketing techniques work best. Account Engagement can be used to help market towards donors, students, future students and alumni!

Automate recruiting and marketing with Account Engagement



We understand that educational institutions can find it difficult to nurture potential students and get them to enrol at their organisation. This is often a time consuming task that takes away time from organisations that stops them achieving their goals.


Having to manually contact leads and personalise their journey can cause issues, with no consistent touch points leads could be contacted at times that impacts them negatively and they could become annoyed. Inconsistent touch points makes developing leads journeys difficult and often incredibly difficult.

Rank and score leads

Account Engagement allows for leads to be scored, this is a method of assigning a numerical score to users based on their unique behaviour. The scoring system provides up-to-date feedback on their interactions with content such as emails, website pages and social media posts. Allowing for organisations to change the way they communicate with different leads based on their score, meaning highly scoring leads can be contacted quickly and enable nonprofits to develop them into donors.


Easily segment data

Segmentation allows for Account Engagement users to ‘slice and dice’ their contacts data into a list, meaning they can then target a specific segment of their database with certain marketing tools. For example, organisations would be able to send specific emails to individuals who meet a set criteria. Such as a certain age and location, this means that they would be targeting leads that are geographically close to the education centre and of an age to begin the application process. This could be done swiftly within minutes with Account Engagement, whilst doing this manually could take someone hours.


Automated marketing
Account Engagement enables organisations to automate aspects of their marketing, allowing for certain actions to trigger specific marketing tools. For example, once a lead fills out a form on a website to gain access to content such as a webinar, Account Engagement could register this and automatically send them an email a few days after the webinar with more information about the webinar. This allows for lead journeys to be developed, utilising a number of touch points between the lead and the organisation. These automated contact points that are made at specific moments help nurture leads and increase the chance of nurturing the lead further and gaining a donation.


Account Engagement for centres of education

Developing leads is a difficult task for any organisation, especially when not using a platform to enhance and track marketing efforts. Below are some of the issues an organisation could face if they do not have the marketing support they desperately require.


Time consuming manual marketing


Can not segment leads and prospects based on specific data


Poor email marketing


Difficulty measuring ROI


Time is being wasted contacting leads who aren't interested


Limited knowledge and awareness of the organisations sales funnel


Poor donor journeys


Inability to create dynamic content that automatically updates on landing pages, emails, forms and webpages

The benefits of Account Engagement

Account Engagement is a marketing automation solution that can unite marketing and sales departments. Providing a sales team with leads that have been nurtured through multiple contact points and scored depending on how they interact with certain content, allows a sales team to contact leads based on the quality of the lead. Below are some of the benefits using Account Engagement can provide.


Automate marketing and save time by reducing the amount of time spent on manual marketing tasks


Easily measure the return on marketing investments


Rank leads based on a grade, this helps reduce the time spent contacting leads who are not interested


Easily create email campaigns


Gain accurate insight into the organisation's sales funnel


Easily segment data based on specific data


Create and customise donor journeys with consistent touch points


Create dynamic content that automatically personalises landing pages, forms, webpages and Emails

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