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Managed Services For Educational Establishment

We know how important it is to ensure that every investment organisation makes has a huge impact on their program, fundraising and impact related work. A Cirrico Managed Services can grow with a school/college/university at the required rate.

Scaling New Heights Using Salesforce


Managed Services is perfect when an organisations has implemented Salesforce and is thinking of new ways in which they can improve their It also provides time for new business processes to be installed onto the when organisations lack in-house technical expertise.


We are able to work with organisations of every size and type to ensure that they have the right technology in place and can accelerate with our support. Managed Services give organisations the flexibility to make these improvements all year round.

Solutions Designed With Growth
Our solutions do not design solutions in silos but in collaboration. Mapping out any new processes, scoping out all the options, allowing the school/college/university to decide the best way forward.


Be Updated About New Features
Salesforce brings out at least 2 free feature enhancing updates each year. These updates are full of great stuff but knowing if and how they can apply to an organisations specific can be difficult to understand. With Cirrico’s Managed Service, a Salesforce Consultant will actively inform the organisation of new enhancements and walk them through how to implement them into their org.


Training For New and Long Standing Staff
As staff change, training needs to be able to keep up. That is why Cirrico provides training through Managed Services. Specific to an organisations, training can cover any Salesforce topic, any functionality in their system. The sessions are recorded so that the teams can be referred back to them later.


Don’t take our word for it

Our customers are our best brand evangelists, when we helped out The Asfari Foundation they had some very nice things to say about us.

The Managed Services that we receive from Cirrico has definitely been of good value to us. Helping us improve our Salesforce system whilst also up-skilling our staff as we now know how to solve Salesforce issues that we didn’t before

Mohamed Eisa - Programmes Assistant

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