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New system gifts more time to philanthropists: Cirrico technology helps Guernsey Community Foundation manage rising number of charitable grants and awards

For a growing nonprofit, there is no time to spare. As Guernsey Community Foundation expanded, it quickly found itself managing more and more opportunities to help local people. A wonderful challenge, but only if the organisation could create enough time to see every project to fruition. We jumped at the chance to help GCF transform local communities by unlocking time and energy.

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Making Waves with new technology: How Salesforce innovations helped Galway to shine as European Capital of Culture

Working with Galway 2020 was inspiring for our team at Cirrico. We use powerful technology to springboard ideas to life. Galway 2020 works with creatives and artists to spark those big ideas in anybody and everybody. 

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Curtain up on BRIT School project: Marketing and fundraising management made simple

We used our Nonprofit Success Pack to take control of dozens of processes. With the new system, BRIT School team can view all information about any stakeholder in one view – including their communication preferences, recent contact, donations made, and Gift Aid tracked – and keep close control of opportunities. Information is integrated with MailChimp and the school’s website

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Connecting families: Strengthening member networks to support children with upper limb differences

This project saw us work with a charity that connects thousands of people who might otherwise feel alone and overwhelmed by their daily challenges. Reach is the UK’s leading charity supporting children with upper limb differences, bringing together children and parents to inspire, empower, and cheerlead for one another. Supported by health professionals, the network is a ray of hope.

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Connecting one in 50 people: Cirrico transforms fundraising and outreach at Bipolar UK

One in 50 people in the UK has bipolar. Since the early 1980s, Bipolar UK has been striving to improve their lives. The charity’s long and inspiring legacy has seen it grow a network of more than 20,000 members and 200 volunteers

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Teaching alliance graduates to Salesforce: Alliance for Learning calls on Cirrico

Alliance for Learning enables knowledge and resource-sharing across a network of teachers from dozens of schools in the north-west. Thanks to the alliance, education for students in the region is continually improving, buoyed by the growing expertise of their teachers

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Empowering the people that protect children online: Cirrico streamlines processes at Internet Watch Foundation

Internet Watch Foundation aims to eliminate the availability of online child sexual abuse imagery, specifically child sexual abuse content and non-photographic child sexual abuse images. The non-profit works internationally to make the internet a safer place, with support from the global internet industry and the European Commission. Internet Watch Foundation also works closely with the police and charity partners to maximise their impact.

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Expert tuition for training providers: Cirrico’s sector specialism ramps up Salesforce impact at JTL

The charity has freed hours of time, simply by fine-tuning a system that they were already invested in. By operating at this level of efficiency, JTL staff have more time, energy and focus to dedicate to their goal of kickstarting the careers of thousands of men and women nationwide.

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