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Empowering the people that protect children online: Cirrico streamlines processes at Internet Watch Foundation

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Delivering Success

Less time spent on administration and finding key information
Streamlined and focused use of Opportunities to record income, ensuring that only relevant data is required
Confidence in the system and its functionality due to training on key areas
Better management of grant applications and deliverables, allowing the organisation to fulfil the needs of funding organisations
Able to record a new income stream (donations)
Effective marketing strategies and campaigns


Internet Watch Foundation aims to eliminate the availability of online child sexual abuse imagery, specifically child sexual abuse content and non-photographic child sexual abuse images. The non-profit works internationally to make the internet a safer place, with support from the global internet industry and the European Commission. Internet Watch Foundation also works closely with the police and charity partners to maximise their impact.

A crucial part of the charities work is to provide victims of abuse much-needed support. The team then work to source and remove online images and videos of their abuse. In addition, Internet Watch Foundation offers people the opportunity to report suspected online child sexual abuse images and videos, whilst ensuring anonymity. Internet Watch Foundation also runs a membership programme where they represent companies who help influence how online abuse images can be removed. Members include Amazon, Google and BT. All members are united by their commitment to do the right thing and make the internet safer for everyone.

The Challenge

Internet Watch Foundation wanted to expand and enhance the scope of their Salesforce use, particularly in the following areas:

  • Usability – the ease with which users could navigate and use Salesforce
  • Onboarding the fundraising team to enable management of various income streams and facilitate the collection of donations alongside grants, major gifts and membership fees
  • Improve management of memberships by defining different sales paths and automating parts of the process
  • Event organisation and attendance
  • Marketing and mass emailing
With the help of Cirrico, Internet Watch Foundation now has in place a solution that provides them with invaluable insights

Internet Watch Foundation

The Solution

With the aim of the charity to be as efficient as possible, the Internet Watch Foundation has been using the Salesforce solution to manage their business activities. The team decided that it would be incredibly beneficial to enhance the capabilities of the platform, and so they approached Cirrico.

Internet Watch Foundation was using Salesforce Classic, this allowed the team to manage data for their stakeholders including individual contacts, businesses and leads. The non-profit also had established processes for managing their members including using Salesforce Opportunities for member acquisition and Salesforce Campaigns for their event management and member onboarding. Despite their established set up, Internet Watch Foundation was missing out on the intuitive and slicker Salesforce Lightning interface and lacked 3rd party integrations.

The main scope of the project for Cirrico was to migrate the non-profit from classic to lightning. Salesforce Lightning is more reliable, secure, requires less support from developers and is much more intelligent with the introduction of Einstein Analytics. The team at the Internet Watch Foundation can now benefit from the enhanced reports that can be generated, including their easy to edit functionality.

In addition, Internet Watch Foundation were not fully utilising the opportunities provided by Salesforce to manage their fundraising activity. Cirrico worked with the Salesforce Lightning functionality to set up fundraising and donor management. Using elements from the Non-profit Success Pack, Internet Watch Foundation can track and manage stakeholders, who they work with to fundraise including trusts and foundations, individual donors and gifts in kind (staff hours, services). Grants are also a crucial part of fundraising, so Cirrico ensured tasks associated with grants were set up to ensure the team were working on track towards goals.


With intuitive reports and dashboards in place, the team can see their work in terms of their fundraising targets, putting strategies in place to secure funding.

For the Internet Watch Foundation, it is important to be able to track and manage donations. The non-profit allows for donations to be made via DonorBox and Facebook, however, data about these donations were not being saved into Salesforce. Cirrico provided training for the team on how to convert data from these sources into files that can be saved within Salesforce. With all data in one centralised location, the team can see an overview of donations made from various sources. With each payment received, essential information such as contact details, Gift Aid status and preferences can be gathered. The team can then segment their donors by common trends to provide valuable insights about their donors.

MailChimp, the marketing automation software, was also implemented by Cirrico to help Internet Watch Foundation communicate effectively with supporters. Contacts and emails could now be synced, this helps the Foundation collate mailing lists to communicate appropriate messaging with the groups of stakeholders.

With the help of Cirrico, Internet Watch Foundation now has in place a solution that provides them with invaluable insights and overviews of their key metrics. With tighter integrations and staff fully trained on syncing data, the non-profit now has a complete overview of all elements of their operations in one centralised location. With the data the need to drive strategies, the team can work smarter, not harder, to gain support and funds to achieve their selfless mission.

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