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Connecting one in 50 people: Cirrico transforms fundraising and outreach at Bipolar UK

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One in 50 people in the UK has bipolar. Since the early 1980s, Bipolar UK has been striving to improve their lives. The charity’s long and inspiring legacy has seen it grow a network of more than 20,000 members and 200 volunteers. Its longevity, however, creates its own challenges. We stepped in to transform the way the charity was operating, moving from paper records to state-of-the-art innovation. 


By creating peer support groups, manning an eCommunity of more than 5,000 active members, providing one-to-one telephone and email support, and disseminating crucial information and resources, Bipolar UK takes responsibility for helping everyone affected by bipolar to live well and fulfil their potential. It had become obvious, however, that the working lives of the Bipolar UK team could be easier, and the hours they dedicated to their cause could reap greater rewards.

At Cirrico, we specialise in boosting productivity at nonprofits, empowering the people changing lives in their communities to achieve more with what they have. We knew exactly where to start with Bipolar UK. We got to grips with the current successes, challenges, and aspirations of the team, and found out exactly how they like to work. We then built the technology to suit their requirements, play to their strengths, and set the course for a bigger and better future.


We created an intuitive CRM, incorporating every member, volunteer, supporter and organisation in the charity’s network, each record containing every pertinent piece of information: backgrounds, location, DBS checks, every detail that the charity had ever acquired. Thanks to FormAssembly, new information will automatically sync with the system. Spreadsheets and documents are a thing of the past, eliminating the risk of mistakes, lost records, or security breaches.


Thanks to the integration with Mail Chimp, email campaigns are delivered in record time and recipient responses tracked and analysed at lightning speed. But we didn’t stop at Mail Chimp integration, we linked the system with Bipolar UK’s chosen fundraising and event management providers; Stripe, Go Cardless, JustGiving, Facebook, Virgin Money Giving and EventBrite. Everything is connected, and the team has a 360 -view of its contacts, campaigns and fundraising totals, making every task trackable, reportable and achievable.

At Cirrico, we are working to inspire a more efficient and sustainable future, where people use technology as a force for good, to care for each other and the world we live in. With no more paper records, Bipolar UK is operating more sustainably and efficiently than ever before, providing fast, personalised support for thousands of people in the UK. Our values aligned perfectly with the charity, and it was a pleasure to set the course for its future growth and success.

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