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New system gifts more time to philanthropists: Cirrico technology helps Guernsey Community Foundation manage rising number of charitable grants and awards


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For a growing nonprofit, there is no time to spare. As Guernsey Community Foundation expanded, it quickly found itself managing more and more opportunities to help local people. A wonderful challenge, but only if the organisation could create enough time to see every project to fruition. We jumped at the chance to help GCF transform local communities by unlocking time and energy.


The Guernsey Community Foundation is the beating heart of its community, securing funds from local business and government and funnelling them into worthy causes. With an increasing number of grants and applications, plus the challenge of running their community awards – creating a community of entrants and panellists – the organisation needed speedy software, high performing processes, and dextrous data management systems.


We immersed ourselves into the Guernsey Community Foundation, seeking to uncover how they work best, and what could be improved. We also scrutinised its future, working to understand the foundation’s potential and set our sights on paving the way for it to become the very best lifeline for Guernsey that it could ever hope to be.

It was essential that we implement a system that was well understood and adopted by those who would use it. This is one area where we know we stand out from our competitors. We don’t just overhaul procedures; we ingratiate them into the fibre an organisation. The system is slicker than ever, which allows users to be faster, smarter, more intentional, and impactful in their work. It is easier for them to change their lives for the better. We take our customers on a journey that will see them accelerate towards their own ambitions, with expert guidance every step of the way.


Our solution makes it possible for GCF to view all stakeholder details – including their recent activities and communication preferences – in one view, and collaborate with them as a community. Grant applications can be tracked in detail, simply, and all data is cleansed and stored with audit and analysis functionality, in compliance with GDPR, using standard deduplication rules.  The system syncs Salesforce with both MailChimp and Microsoft Outlook, saving time and removing scope for error or confusion. What’s more, it can grow as GCF grows. User adoption is high and by slashing the volume of manual and daily tasks we’ve freed up countless hours.

Cirrico exists to create a more efficient and sustainable future, where technology enables us to care for each other and the world we live in. This deep-rooted drive to do good in the world is something we share with the Guernsey Community Foundation. Working with the foundation was an opportunity for us to do what we do best: combine our expertise in harnessing the power of Salesforce with our innate understanding of the nonprofit sector to create a catalyst for success. We are looking forward to watching GCF as it continues to grow and to improve the lives of so many people in Guernsey.

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