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Teaching alliance graduates to Salesforce: Alliance for Learning calls on Cirrico


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360-degree view of all stakeholder data
Improved processes
Automated tasks to improve productivity


Alliance for Learning enables knowledge and resource-sharing across a network of teachers from dozens of schools in the north-west. Thanks to the alliance, education for students in the region is continually improving, buoyed by the growing expertise of their teachers. Tracking and engaging teachers – with a packed schedule, mostly away from their emails – is tough, but we’re top of the class at this kind of thing.


We studied up, getting to grips with the daily tasks of team members, their challenges, and the organisations’ greatest ambitions. We wanted to build a new system that not only made current tasks far simpler but also opened up new opportunities. We worked closely with those at the alliance who would use the new CRM, and created a tool that played to their strengths, was intuitive to use, and freed up hours of time in manual tasks.

Those same people were key to the success of this project. We know that people, not technology, make the difference, so we ensured that team members were well versed in the workings of the changes we made and how it could help ramp up their efforts.

Alliance for Learning was using spreadsheets to manage the details of the schools in its network, including contact details, social media profiles, recent interaction, course sign-ups and financial records. Processes were clunky, updates didn’t sync across multiple platforms, making records unreliable, and finding the right data took too much time.


With Salesforce now in place, the alliance has a 360-degree view of all stakeholder data in one place – from contact information to course sign-ups to invoices paid and due. New information can be made with the click of a button and updated in real-time thanks to cloud technology. FormAssembly automates online registrations, meaning training events and programmes are easily tracked and managed. Reports are ready to pull (no more trawling through multiple spreadsheets to cross-reference and analyse information) and so tracking targets and tweaking tactics for maximum impact is a cinch. All this innovation opens up new opportunities for Alliance for Learning, who have a scalable system ready to grow alongside the organisation.

At Cirrico, we use technology to expedite human progress. With Salesforce in place, we are confident that the efforts of the team at Alliance for Learning will have maximum impact, strengthening the education of thousands of youngsters across the region. Nothing could suit us more than helping to provide the best possible education to this cohort next-generation leaders and innovators.

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