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Making Waves with new technology: How Salesforce innovations helped Galway to shine as European Capital of Culture

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‘Making Waves’, the concept behind Galway 2020’s winning European Capital of Culture bid, struck a chord with our team at Cirrico from the beginning. A year-long programme of events dedicated to creating new ways of thinking, new ways of working, new conversations and new partnerships would need a comprehensive management system, and it would be delivered by a team of Cirrico experts equally devoted to those very themes.


After working closely with Galway 2020 to uncover and understand the challenges of the project, as well as the people tackling them, we lined up our Nonprofit Success Pack to take on the job. Tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the event team, the pack would centralise information, organise the myriad of stakeholder details and enable sophisticated automated marketing.

Salesforce technology represents the peak of software innovation in its field, empowering users to develop insight and foster relationships more efficiently and precisely than ever before. But it is the people, not the product, that bring that power to life. That’s why we dedicate so much time and energy to inspiring and energising those who will use the technology. The training and collaboration we employed as we revolutionised processes at Galway 2020 was the key to our success.

Galway 2020 had a mammoth task ahead, delivering hundreds of events, liaising with dozens of stakeholders from artists to corporate sponsors, attendees to local leaders, and rolling out a high impact marketing campaign. The people at the helm of the programme required technology that could match the complexity of the task at hand.


We left Galway 2020 with a system that could track and manage stakeholders, sponsorship opportunities, organisations and miscellaneous contacts, while complying to GDPR and data duplication rules. Little did we know how much the team would be put the test as 2020 wreaked havoc on plans, but there could be no greater foundation for managing change and delivering an awe-inspiring programme than the system we put in place.

Working with Galway 2020 was inspiring for our team at Cirrico. We use powerful technology to springboard ideas to life. Galway 2020 works with creatives and artists to spark those big ideas in anybody and everybody.  Watching our customer ‘make waves’ despite the most testing circumstances has been among our most eye-opening and rewarding projects.

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