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Curtain up on BRIT School project: Marketing and fundraising management made simple

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Amy Winehouse, Tom Holland and Jessie J all learnt their craft at BRIT School, but their education wouldn’t have been possible without donations inspired by the school’s impressive fundraising and marketing teams.  We stepped in to streamline the mammoth challenge of managing revenue streams and donor outreach.

But we’ve worked on this production before, and with Cirrico in the director’s chair we know that Salesforce can deliver an Oscar-worthy performance. So we set about understanding the people within BRIT School and the way they work, getting to grips with the specificities of their processes and their challenges, their upcoming projects and their long term ambitions. This allowed us to put forward a considered, people-led solution.


We used our Nonprofit Success Pack to take control of dozens of processes. With the new system, BRIT School team can view all information about any stakeholder in one view – including their communication preferences, recent contact, donations made, and Gift Aid tracked – and keep close control of opportunities. Information is integrated with MailChimp and the school’s website. Data has been migrated from multiple sources and stored in compliance with GDPR. Reports and dashboards are easily created, and users even have their own profiles.

We’ve worked with a lot of nonprofits and we know that the challenges faced by BRIT School will strike a chord with so many. Revenue comes from dozens of sources, and staff face an organisational minefield when accessing, using, and updating this data. From storing donor details to tracking their recent interactions, launching a new fundraising campaign to allocating its income to the right project, and importing JustGiving data to tracking Gift Aid, processes must be both airtight and super streamlined.


Most importantly, we closely and carefully guided BRIT School through the changes. The most significant step is ensuring that the people at the centre of the project understand it, embrace it, and are empowered by it. Our goal is to free them from inefficiency so that they can use their time to make a real impact with their work.

We left BRIT School with a sleek new system that would save time and stress, and a workforce that had adopted the change enthusiastically. At Cirrico, we have particular expertise for working with nonprofits and educational organisations. With expert guidance every step of the way, we take these customers on a journey of transformation, working to inspire them to accelerate their impact and success. BRIT School is uniquely inspiring. We’ve seen it make dreams come true for talented children for decades, and we’re proud to have played a part in its growth as it continues to help shape arts and culture within the UK and beyond.

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