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Expert tuition for training providers: Cirrico’s sector specialism ramps up Salesforce impact at JTL


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Cirrico was founded on the belief that innovative, tailor-made software can accelerate the impact of businesses striving to do good in the world.  With particular expertise in the nonprofit and education sectors, we set out to help workplace training charity JTL in its mission to open doors for young people beginning their careers in building and engineering.

Our customers at JTL knew that Salesforce could help them manage the 8,000 learners, 3,500 businesses and 100 colleges it supports. What they also needed, however, was the sector-specific knowledge and step-by-step guidance of our team to fully unleash its potential.


We examined JTL’s existing systems and found plenty of room for fine-tuning. Different teams had become entrenched in their own ways of working, each inadvertently developing splinter systems that, unchecked, would undermine the strength of the main database. In this scenario, the risk of duplicate records, inaccurate data and unshared data is high.

Guiding the JTL team every step of the way, we used a Salesforce solution to eliminate these risks, creating a holistic system that worked for everyone and freed JTL staff from hours of time spent searching for information and backtracking on errors. What’s more, we installed a permissions hierarchy that would add an extra level of protection to sensitive data, ensuring JTL was operating with utmost responsibility, in line with its core values.


These changes would have a huge impact on the day to day lives of JTL employees, but only if those employees were given dedicated training. People, not technology, make the difference. We upskilled the workforce, teaching them to capitalise on every element of the new software at their fingertips and inspiring them make an impact every day by using it to its full potential.

JTL now operates one, fool proof system. There are no duplications, no inaccurate records, no wasted hours spent searching for information. There is no scope for an inadvertent data breach. The charity has freed hours of time, simply by fine-tuning a system that they were already invested in. By operating at this level of efficiency, JTL staff have more time, energy and focus to dedicate to their goal of kickstarting the careers of thousands of men and women nationwide.

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