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Changes that are coming to Salesforce Flows

This summer, the Salesforce Summer ‘23 release will bring updates across multiple Salesforce products. One of the biggest changes that is happening is the retirement of Workflow and Process Builder. Nonprofits will have to migrate towards Flow.

The migration from Workflow and Process Builder has already taken place, in the Winter ‘23 release the ability to create net-new Workflow rules was turned off. Now in the Summer ‘23 release, the ability to create new Processes in Process Builder will be disabled. This will mean that Workflow Rules and Process Builder will no longer be used, the platform for automations will then be solely on Flow. Although the creation of Process Builder Processes will be blocked, organisations can still activate, deactivate, and edit any existing Processes. For all new automations, these must be created in Flow.


If you have limited experience using Flows and want to build on your knowledge to ensure that you are in the best place possible for when the migration to Flows happens, then there are some trails to help. There is a Trailhead for; Build Flows With Flow Builder, Record-Triggered Flows, and Automate Your Business Processes With Salesforce Flow.


If your nonprofit lacks an internal Salesforce admin, the thought of migrating all automations to Flow could be scary. Not to worry, here at Cirrico we offer support packages through Managed Services. Cirrico Managed Services help nonprofits maximise the return on their investment on Salesforce while they focus on their mission. We work to understand the nonprofit  and their objectives, then provide the technical know-how to transform their Salesforce org for success. If you are interested in getting support when it comes to migrating your automations, get in the contact with the experts at Cirrico. Contact us.


Along with this migration to Flow from Workflow and Process Builder, there have been developments and enhancements to Flow. Flow has received some changes to user experience, making the experience more user-friendly whilst also improving accessibility. There have been many more changes alongside this including; Choice Lookup component is available, added search bar to the Data Table, HTTP Callout supports POST method, reactive screen components support formulas, send email action can now use email templates, alongside many more changes. To find out more about the Salesforce Summer ‘23 release notes, click here.


Looking for support with your Salesforce system?

If you require help and/or support with your Salesforce system then contact the experts at Cirrico! Whether you’re looking for a solution that looks after all of your Salesforce systems upkeep or need a solution that works in tandem with your internal team, we have the solution for you!

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Changes that are coming to Salesforce Flows

This summer, the Salesforce Summer ‘23 release will bring updates across multiple Salesforce products. One of the biggest changes that is happening is the retirement of Workflow and Process Builder.

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